Myrla and Gil

Why did Myrla and Gil break up?

Myrla Feria and Gil Cuero broke up because Myrla felt that Gil was irresponsible with his finances and dishonest about his savings. Myrla also felt annoyed by Gil constantly badgering her about her spending and calling her a princess while she was living well within her means.

Myrla and Gil Divorce

Gil and Myrla’s divorce was a surprise. Many fans felt that Myrla was being too hard on Gil, because other than teasing her about being a princess Gil came across as a positive, handsome and sweet guy who wanted a stable marriage. Because fans felt that Myrla didn’t give him a chance, Myrla got a lot of backlash online. However, she did not let the criticism phase her. 

Myrla and Gil, Married at First SIght
Gil and Myrla, MAFS Season13
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The Myrla and Johnny controversy

Eyebrows were raised when Myrla and Johnny appeared on the finale of MAFS Season 13 and acted giggly and flirtatious. Their appearance on the Tell All part 2 sent viewers scrambling to find out whether Myrla and Johnny are dating. Since the show aired, Myrla and Johnny have confirmed that they are not dating. They are just extremely good friends who spend time together. However..

Are Johnny and Myrla dating
Myrla and Johnny, MAFS Season 13
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Johnny likes everything Myrla posts

Of course an easy assumption can be made from Johnny’s Instagram activity. Johnny’s likes are up there with every new post. Myrla isn’t exactly shy and Johnny isn’t exactly bashful. It is obvious that Johnny wouldn’t mind being more than just friends. During the Tell All he admitted that Myrla would have been a better match for him than Bao. They flaunted their friendship while Gil sat there suffering and that wasn’t a good look for Myrla.

But back to Gil

Why did Myrla have such high standards for Gil and his finances? The guy has a job unlike Steve Moy from Season 14. Plus, Gil had so much going on! Well, Myrla came from very humble beginnings. She explained that she grew up poor. From the sounds of it her childhood was tough, which explains her bulletproof exterior and ability to make quick decisions.

Myrla Feria from Married at First Sight nearly nude in a bikini
Photo Credit – Myrla Feria

Who are Myrla’s parents?

Aside from sharing with Gil that her father was murdered, Myrla didn’t discuss her parents too much. However, a quick search reveals that Myrla’s mom, Bertha Feria, is only 50 years old. With Myrla being 35, this would mean that her mom had her at the age of 15. Her sister is only two years younger, so the girls were born to a teenage mother. The murderer of Myrla’s father was also a family member. Clearly this is not an average family home, and Myrla likely didn’t feel safe and secure when she was a child.

What does Myrla from MAFS do for a living?

Instead of being a victim to her fate, Myrla chose to build her own security by completing two degrees and securing a stable career as a leadership coach in the education sector. Therefore, Myrla was looking for a partner who was matched with her level of ambition, and she didn’t feel that she found that in Gil. In the interview below, she revealed that Gil had zero savings and neglected to pay his share of the rent on time. This was enough for her to close the door on their future and Myrla decided to divorce Gil only 2 weeks after their tearful decision to stay together.

How much does Myrla make on Married at First Sight?

Myrla is a leadership coach in the education sector. The salary for this job ranges greatly, however, according to Ziprecruiter:

“As of Mar 27, 2022, the average annual pay for a Leadership Coach in the United States is $56,668 a year.”

Not the high dollar signs we were expecting. Of course that is just the national average and Myrla could be making more. Myrla also mentioned being promoted to partner recently which would imply that she got a raise.

Gil from Married at First Sight firefighter
Photo Credit – Gil Cuero, Instagram

Does Myrla make more that Gil?

On the other end, the average salary of a firefighter in Texas is about $58,000/year. In the interview with Tamara Tattles, Myrla debunked Gil’s statement that he makes $100 more than her per paycheck. However, when you compare the two salaries it would appear that Gil’s statement is accurate.

Again, we are just speculating. We have no idea what other investments and revenue streams Myrla might have. From the sounds of it Myrla is very good at saving, and Gil isn’t. While this might not be a huge deal for some, for Myrla it was a deal-breaker.

Myrla and Gil now

Myrla works on her body as hard as she works on her bank account. She is using her new found fame to grow her IG page and teach fans about skincare and fitness. Gil is also not lacking in popularity after Myrla’s public rejection. Although blindsided at first, Gil seems to have fully recovered. Gil’s IG is full of swag, motivational posts and latin flavor.  

Watch the full interview with Myrla on Tamara Tattle Tales and in the words of Myrla Feria…

“Stay salty, my friends!”