Briana and Vincent Married at First Sight Season 12

Who is still together from Married at First Sight, Seasons 12, 13 and 14?

Married at First Sight is now in Season 14. With so many marriages and divorces it’s hard to keep track or even remember some of the couples from previous seasons. Let’s take a walk down memory lane and check out who is still together in 2022.

Are Alyssa and Chris still together?

Although MAFS Season 14 is still currently airing, Chris Collette and Alyssa Ellman have already ended their marriage. It’s hard to even call this a “break up” since Alyssa and Chris have never shared a room or sat next to one another on the plane. Alyssa felt that she should have been matched with someone better looking and expressed that repeatedly without concern for Chris’s feelings. Alyssa then demanded to stay on Married at First Sight as a single person. Alyssa is now off the show and she is not missed.

MAFS Alyssa and Chris still together
Alyssa and Chris
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Who stayed together from Season 13 of Married at First Sight?

Nobody. Season 13 didn’t produce any successful marriages and all of the cast members went their separate ways.

Are Myrla and Gil still together?

Myrla Feria and Gil Cuero are not together because Gil failed to impress Myrla with a healthy bank account and ability to save money. According to Myrla, Gil didn’t have any savings and didn’t pay his share of their rent on time. This, along with lack of physical attraction on Myrla’s part was the reason the marriage ended just 14 days after they decided to stay together on decision day. The decision came as a surprise to viewers, because Myrla was very affectionate with Gil on the show and expressed a lot of emotional gratitude for her perfect match on camera.

Gil and Myrla still together MAFS
Gil and Myrla
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Are Bao and Johnny still together?

Bao Huong Huang and Johnny Lam didn’t stay together because Johnny felt that Bao didn’t meet his standards. Johnny, a serial dater with no long-term relationship history, berated Bao for not being attractive or interesting enough throughout the season. He also accused her of being fake, disingenuous and dishonest. Johnny felt that he was mismatched and explained that he would have rather been matched with anyone else, especially Myrla. After the show there were rumors of Myrla and Johnny dating, but those were put to rest when Johnny and Myrla confirmed that they were just close friends.

Bao and Johnny still together Married at First Sight Season 13
Johnny and Bao
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Are Zack and Michaela still together?

Zack Freeman and Micaela Clark split up due to lack of chemistry. There was bizarre behavior on both of their parts. Michaela was often intense and dramatic, and Zack floated between being uncommitted and tearful. Both cried incessantly and on decision day Zack decided that he didn’t want to be married to Michaela, but with an option to still date her. Michaela was not interested in this arrangement and the two divorced. The drama began before the papers were signed, however, when Zack started dating Bao! Bao and Zack went on a few dates before ANOTHER woman contacted Bao and revealed that she was also seeing Zack. As a result Bao had to go through two break ups instead of one.

Zack and Michaela still together MAFS
Zack and Michaela
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Are Brett and Ryan still together?

Brett Layton and Ryan Ignasiak are no longer together because they didn’t develop deep enough feelings to sustain a successful marriage. While Brett was willing to try, Ryan was turned off by her hair color, body type and cleaning habits. Ryan also activated a dating app while still appearing on the show. In a recent interview Ryan was asked to chose from a variety of body types for his perfect match. He chose a body type consistent with a very slender woman in her 20s, so it’s obvious that his disconnect with his wife was purely superficial.

Brett and Ryan still together Married at First Sight season 13
Brett and Ryan
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Are Rachel and Jose still together?

Rachel Gordillo and Jose San Miguel Jr. were the only couple of MAFS Season 13, who said “yes” on decision day. They later divorced in December of 2021. Jose and Rachel had many arguments stemming back to the differences in their values. Rachel was more of a free spirit, interested in travel, and Jose was after someone with stringent saving habits and a perfect credit score. Jose also came across as controlling and insecure, while Rachel confessed to spending the night at her ex’s after Jose locked her out of their apartment after a fight.

Jose and Rachel still together Married at First Sight
Rachel and Jose
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MAFS Season 12: Who is still together?

Yes! Briana Myles and Vincent Morales were the only couple who stayed together from Season 12 and they just announced their first pregnancy! In the beginning Vincent was anxious and sensitive about everything, including dancing and riding horses. However, Briana’s patient and loving approach brought the two closer together. Briana was also understanding of Vincent’s goals and dreams in starting a new business in car sales while she was already flourishing in her engineering career. Briana has been open about her fears of getting pregnant and giving birth, while Vincent wanted three or more kids. Briana and Vincent look forward to being parents.

Briana and Vincent still together MAFS
Briana and Vincent
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Are Virginia and Erik still together?

Erik Lake and Virginia Coombs are not together and were doomed from the start. While these two appeared to start off strong and even decided to stay together on decision day, the story we saw unfold afterward was very different. Virginia revealed that she has nothing in common with Erik, particularly with regard to politics, lifestyle and life in general. There was also a gap in maturity between the two, with Erik being 8 years Virginia’s senior. After the break up, Erik stayed relatively quiet, while Virginia relentlessly blasted him on her social media. Lately Virginia has changed her mind about dating white men in general and said that her future partner will be anything but a white, straight male.

Erik Lake and Virginia Coombs still together
Erik and Virginia
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Are Clara and Ryan still together?

Clara Berghaus and Ryan Oubre broke up because they didn’t meet each other’s needs. Clara was expecting to have sex right away and Ryan was waiting to build a deeper connection. The two decided to stay together on decision day, but this love story ended shortly after due to lack of compatibility. Ryan felt that there was not enough depth to Clara and he was expecting to connect spiritually and emotionally with his spouse. There was also an issue of race. As a black man, Ryan expected Clara to take interest in his culture. He accused Clara of ignoring his family, scrolling through her phone at family events and rejecting food rudely. Due to Ryan’s lack of interest in Clara sexually some fans have wondered if Ryan might be gay. Is Ryan Oubre gay? No, there is no indication of Ryan being gay. Ryan simply cared about more than sex and Clara’s passions didn’t lie far beyond it.

Ryan and Clara still together MAFS
Clara and Ryan
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Are Haley and Jacob still together?

Haley Harris and Jacob Harder never got off square one because of Haley’s lack of attraction to Jake. Jake’s age, style, obsession with the 80s and diet were too much for Haley. Despite this they still had sex twice: which according to both was an unpleasant experience. Haley never elaborated on what exactly went wrong on camera, but instead confided in her new friend Virginia, who brought up Jake’s inadequacies on his Instagram live. Jake later chimed in on the Zack and Bao (and the other woman) situation suggesting that viewers are too quick to judge people. He added that all cast members from Married at First Sight are traumatized and forced to be silently dragged through bad publicity while earning less than minimum wage.

Haley and Jacob still together Married at First Sight Season 12
Jake and Haley
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Are Paige and Chris still together?

Paige Banks got the worst of the grooms when she ended up with Chris Williams II, who made it clear that he wasn’t attracted to her after their wedding night. Things got ugly when Chris told Paige that his ex, Mercedes, was six weeks pregnant, which meant that he was sleeping with his ex while looking for a wife through Married at First Sight. Chris repeatedly insulted Paige’s looks and even dragged his ex out on the show. The two women weren’t impressed with Chris’s games, especially after finding out that he was having unprotected sex with both of them. But things aren’t always as they seem. Rumor has it that it was Paige who asked Chris to stay and continue filming the show after he told her that he is not that interested in her and would rather go back to Mercedes. 

Chris and Paige season 12 MAFS
Chris and Paige
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Team Virginia vs team Erik

Virginia, Haley and Clara remain good friends, as do their former husbands. The two groups continue to feud, although less frequently, while regretting their embarrassing and demoralizing Married at First Sight experience. 

1/11 couples have stayed together

So there you have it: out of Season 12, 13 and 14 of Married at First Sight, there has been one successful match and ten unsuccessful matches so far. Olajuwon and Katina don’t seem to be headed towards a healthy relationship, Lindsey and Mark the Shark are a mess, and the jury is still out on Steve and Noi and Jasmina and Michael. Let’s hope for better results this season!