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Who is still together from Married at First Sight, Season 11?

Season 11 of Married at First Sight was very unusual. It was recorded at the beginning of the pandemic and the crew was ordered to clear out midway through the season, leaving the cast to quarantine together and record themselves. The couples were stuck in their small apartments, unable to go out much. It was a very confusing time for all and nobody was prepared. But while Season 11 was odd, it did produce two successful matches.

Are Amelia and Bennett still together?

Amelia Fatsi and Bennett Kurshcner filed for divorce in October of 2021 after one year of marriage. Amelia and Bennett reflected the odd vibe of the New Orleans season by being unapologetically weird. Aside from dressing alike and looking like brother and sister, Amelia and Bennett also surprised viewers with their other fashion and lifestyle choices. Amelia modelled her armpit hair for the world to see and Bennett wore a night dress to bed. Bennett lived in a tiny home without a bathroom. Amelia enjoyed unicycling and tightrope walking while studying to become a doctor.

Bennett and Amelia still together
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It was hard to take any of this seriously and to determine if there was any connection between the two or if this was one very long awkward joke. By the end of the show, Amelia expressed that she never wanted to be married and only did this because she wanted to experience being on a reality TV show. Bennett was also not looking to get married and was signed up for Married at First Sight by a friend. Despite all this, Bennett and Amelia did decide to stay together after the show, with Bennett moving to Virginia to support Amelia’s medical career.

Amelia MAFS new boyfriend
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Why did Bennett and Amelia break up?

While the exact details of their break up are unknown, fans speculate that aside from their quirks the couple didn’t have enough in common to sustain their marriage. We do know that the divorce was amicable and that they continue to follow each other on Instagram. Bennett currently lives with another man with whom he has adopted a dog. Whether Pete is a friend, roommate or life partner is unclear and Bennett isn’t in a rush to satisfy our curiosity. As for Amelia, in 2022 she accepted a job in Alaska! Amelia is currently living in Alaska with her new man.

Are Karen and Miles still together?

As of 2022 Karen Landry and Miles Williams are still together. Karen and Miles were fan faves despite starting off on a low note. Karen wasn’t sure if she would be attracted to Miles. Karen was seeking an alpha male and Miles was more in touch with his feelings than she was used to. Miles is also 4 years younger than Karen which concerned her at first. Things got harder when Miles revealed that he suffers from depression which requires him to take medication. Karen was supportive but struggled with knowing how to help Miles on his low days. Miles and Karen seem to have figured out how to help and support one another and as of today are still happily married.

Karen and Miles still together MAFS
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Are Woody and Amani still together?

Yes! Woody and Amani Randall are still married and had a baby boy in 2022! Woody and Amani saved Season 11 from catastrophe with their love story. Their connection was a ray of sunshine amidst a very uncertain time in the history of MAFS and history in general. These two developed a rare and immediate bond that kept a glimmer of hope alive for those of us still searching for love. Woody and Amani have all the right tools to make a marriage work and are still going strong. They continue to remain fan favorites and are appearing on Couples Cam along side of Karen and Miles.

Woody and Amani pregnant and still together
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Are Henry and Christina still together?

Henry Rodrigues and Christina Crochet are not together. Aside from Henry having a female friend and being timid about doing new things, we didn’t get to learn much about him. His wife Christina struggled with insecurities, yelled, cried, and dropped random truth bombs about herself such as that she used to be a liar and lover of drama. This turned out to be accurate, because Christina, expecting Henry to say “no” on decision day, decided to accuse him of being gay. As evidence, she claimed to have received a text from an anonymous stranger who allegedly exposed Henry’s affairs with men. It was a very uncomfortable ending to an even stranger marriage and Henry is likely very glad that it’s over.

Henry and Christina MAFS Season 11
Henry and Christina
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Are Brett and Olivia still together?

Olivia Cornu and Brett Lindsey are not together. Just like Henry’s, Olivia’s match was a dud. First, Brett made it clear that in his mind he was extremely good looking. According to Olivia he stopped and checked himself out in every mirror. Brett also got very drunk at the bachelor party and acted like a creep towards Henry’s friend. Brett wasn’t that into Olivia and when the production crew was ordered to leave, Brett followed. He packed up everything including salt and without further communication with Olivia left never to be seen again. Brett also did not appear on the tell all while Olivia attended alone. Chances are if you are googling Brett from MAFS, you are looking for Brett from Season 13, or you actually are Brett Lindsey. Hi.

Brett and Olivia MAFS Season 11
Brett and Olivia
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