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What is going on with Virginia from Married at First Sight?

Truth be told, while I love Married at First Sight, I really don’t care for Married at First Sight’s Couple’s Cam. From the cheesy sound effects to watching AJ fly a drone, it just does nothing for me. So the only reason I watched it this season is for Erik and Virginia’s storyline.

Is Married at First Sight Forcing Erik and Virginia to carry out their contract despite their divorce?

Virginia appeared visibly broken and devastated a couple of weeks ago at Jamie Otis’s birthday bash on Couple’s Cam Season 3. Ugh… Jamie and Doug, another couple who just need to go away already. So Jamie throws a birthday bash in Miami and conveniently invites the entire female cast from Season 12. As if poor Paige hasn’t been through enough already, she is forced to continue reliving this nightmare as she is once again questioned about her marriage to Chris Williams II for the cameras along with the other wives.

Virginia hangs out alone and doesn’t join the cast by the pool

Virginia talks about relationship struggles with Erik Lake on Married at First Sight Couple's Cam

Virginia also seems to have been forced into this event and instead of lounging by the pool with the others, hangs out alone. She records a tearful video about the status of her relationship with Erik, which is not working out as their values don’t align on many important issues. The episode in reference aired on September 1, 2021 (6 weeks after the US Weekly article announcing their divorce).

Virginia posts a sexy single pic on August 15th

It would appear that Season 3 of Married at First Sight Couple’s Cam is lacking in content, so the show is forcing Virginia and Erik to carry out their contract.This is supported by a sexy single picture posted on Virginia’s Instagram on August 15, 2021 captioned “No Prince Charming, just a happy ending.” Well, the ending does not seem so happy on Episode 15 which aired a month later. In this broken timeline Virginia, visibly heartbroken, sits down with Erik for a heart-wrenching discussion about why their relationship isn’t working.

Virginia Coombs from Married at First Sight posts sexy picture on Instagram

Has Virginia lost weight?

Looking visibly thinner, Virginia bursts into tears as soon as the conversation begins. Erik and Virginia discuss their disconnect on issues such as children, politics, and living arrangements. Virginia’s alcohol use is not brought up despite being a hot topic on Season 12 of Married at First Sight. Instead, the conversation surrounds past traumas which we learn were inflicted on Virginia by powerful authority figures which to her were reminiscent of Erik’s power trips.

Virginia Coombs on  Couple's Cam - Season 3 crying

Virginia is definitely not ready to become a mother

Virginia says that she is in therapy and working on herself, but that she will not be having kids until she becomes the whole person she needs to be to bring another person into the world. Although commendable, as more people need to work on themselves before blindly becoming parents, Erik was not prepared. He is more than ready to become a father and did not sign up to be with someone who is not sure if they ever want kids. Erik also appeared hurt by the break up and shed a few tears about the hand he had in the damage. He teared up when saying that he unknowingly triggers trauma in Virginia and he just wants her to be happy.

Erik and Virginia do not want the same things, so why were they matched?!

This couple’s story is a heavy one with a lot unsaid (although Virginia is saying a whole lot on her TikTok these days!). What’s clear is that Erik and Virginia don’t want the same things.Virginia still suffers with scars from the past, which haunt her and trigger her anxiety. Therefore Married at First Sight has set up another couple for failure by not doing their research. It doesn’t require a Ph.D to see that Virginia struggles with mental health issues and Erik does not.

Virginia Cooms  Season 12, wedding day

Virginia struggles, but Erik isn’t perfect

While Virginia has a lot of self-work ahead, Erik should also learn that true love takes patience and kindness as well as trust. Fans have accused Erik of being too righteous and a bit arrogant at times as he tried to teach Virginia how to be a wife. To be fair, Erik did ask for someone who is on his timeline already and Virginia needed someone who can support her emotional needs and not rush her journey of healing and recovery. At least we know that this couple’s journey has come to a close and there is no need to continue watching Couple’s Cam.

Erik and Virginia on decision day - Married at First Sight, Season 12