virginia coombs blasts parents on tiktok

Narcissist, manipulator, pushover…Virginia from MAFS puts her parents on blast

Virginia posted a TikTok video singing along to Beyonce’s “Formation” with text captions “dad: narcissist, manipulator, republican” and “mom: let him walk all over her” hashtagging the words  #narcissist and #pushovermother.

Viewers were surprised that Virginia’s issues with her parents were so extreme

Fans were taken aback because on Married at First Sight, Season 12, Virginia seemed to get along fine with both of her parents. While Daniel and Barbara have been divorced for many years, they both showed up to support Virginia when she chose to get married at first sight. On the day of the wedding Daniel told Virginia that she looked beautiful in her dress, gave her a pep talk, and walked her down the aisle, kissing her on the cheek before handing her over to Erik. Barbara joined Virginia’s wedding party and even sported purple hair for Virginia’s purple and yellow color theme.

Virginia's father walks her down the aisle on Married at First Sight

Virginia said that her parents’ support meant a lot to her

Prior to the wedding, Virginia’s father did express his concerns about her being on the show, but still appeared alongside her.  Narcissism by definition is “extreme self-involvement to the degree that it makes a person ignore the needs of those around them”. There is obviously more to it than that, so please explore NPD for more information. Virginia was also featured on the show saying how much it meant to her that her father was there to support her.

Virginia's mother from Married at First Sight

Virginia compares Erik to her father

Virginia says Erik triggered her traumatic childhood

One fan commented: “You look like you got along with your dad on the show”. It’s true, her father not only walked her down the aisle but also engaged in video chats with both Erik and Virginia. Another fan said “reminds me of a certain someone”. To which Virginia replied “hence all the triggers” clearly referencing Erik. Not long ago Erik and Virginia had a fight which she also publicly discussed on TikTok. There was mention that Erik reminded her or certain “authority figures” and triggered her childhood traumas. Now we can conclude that it was her father who was in reference.

Virginia's Father from Married at First Sight

Virginia certainly has a right to share her truth and her story, but is this really the best way to do it?

Erik's mother from Married at First Sight

Aside from Virginia sharing that she is a child who was hurt by multiple divorces, we don’t know much more about their family. “Narcissist”, “manipulator”, and “pushover” are words that hit hard, especially without context. I can’t imagine that watching your daughter summarize you this way is easy. However, I can imagine Erik’s mother watching this in both horror and relief. You got off easy, lady! Although Virginia did take a shot at Erik’s mom in the past, for buying groceries and cleaning the condo of a 35 year old man, it seemed to end there.

A social justice warrior

Virginia concluded her post with “me, a liberal with daddy issues, who stands up for others and doesn’t take sh*t from anyone”.

Since the post, Virginia shared that she is seeing a therapist. Let’s hope her self-improvement journey helps her find healing ways to address her childhood scars.