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Virginia’s social media drama – fighting with Erik, bullying Jacob and more!

It’s been a hot second since Virginia Coombs and Erik Lake appeared on Married on First Sight, Season 12, and Virginia is already making waves on IG and TikTok.

Virginia puts Erik on blast

virginia from married at first sight anti-republican tik tok post

With the ink still fresh on her divorce papers, Virginia is already venting to her fans about her now ex husband Erik Lake. According to Virginia, the two went out to lunch post break up, and it didn’t go well. A huge fight ensued on the way home when Virginia called Erik “privileged”. Erik allegedly responded by telling her that she needs to “just get over” her childhood traumas and accused her of doing nothing with her life. Virginia was so pissed that she got out of his car and called an Uber. Virginia then posted this story to her TikTok followed by another post where she repeatedly chants: “we don’t f*ck republicans”. Classy. So are we to assume that Erik is a republican?

Although her posts are questionable, Virginia seems to be getting get a lot of support from fans. Among them are Haley and Clara from Season 12. Virginia even tagged Clara in a comment saying the “republicans” line should be on a t-shirt.

Virginia’s new look

Clara and Virginia seem to be hanging out quite a bit lately. The latest pic is from the Music Midtown festival at Peidmont Park in Atlanta. Virginia is looking noticeably different these days after new lip injections and microblading her eyebrows. A fan on Reddit posted that she ran into Virginia and Clara and had a conversation with them. During a friendly chat, the girls told her never to go on the show and that she would have better luck finding love on Tinder.

Virginia from MAFS gets lip fillers

Also on Reddit, Erik reminds Virginia that he is a military pilot with 3 deployments under his belt

Clearly offended at being called privileged, Erik fired back at Virginia. Erik and Virginia fought a lot on camera, but clearly the “privilege” comment really got under his skin. Virginia dismissed the fact that Erik is military pilot, because according to her logic this is his job and he gets paid to do it. It’s starting to look like the Married at First Sight Virginia and social media Virginia are two different people, but who both like to cause a stir. The drama continued when Virginia joined the feud between Hayley and Jacob.

Erik Lake's response to Virginia Coombs attack on his character

Did Virginia and Hayley bully Jacob Harder on Instagram?

Virginia Coombs bullies Jacob Harder on Instagram

Haley Harris is another one of Virginia’s besties post MAFS. As we know, things didn’t end well between these two after Haley all but accused Jacob of being bad in the sack. But now Virginia and Haley also appear to be bullying Jacob on Instagram. Jake’s fans have turned hostile on Virginia after she injected herself into one of Jake’s lives and told him that he needs to “shut his mouth”.

One fan said this was uncalled for, to which Virginia responded with something like “I defend my friends and sometimes I go too far, but people don’t know half the story and he is a rude guy”. This comment seems to have been deleted since.

Do you think Erik dodged a bullet or are you “team Virginia”? One thing is for sure, aside from Vincent and Brianna the cast of MAFS Season 12 is divided down the middle with a whole lot of drama!

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