Virginia Coombs attacks Erik Lake from Married at First Sight

Virginia Coombs attacks Erik Lake on TikTok

Erik and Virginia have appeared on Married at First Sight Couple’s Cam for less than a minute, before their social media started going wild. Well, Virginia’s, anyway. Virginia posted an entire experience on TikTok and it went like something this:

Virginia said that she missed Erik – so they went out for lunch. After the lunch a huge fight ensued when Virginia called Erik “privileged”. According to Virginia, Erik didn’t agree, so he told her that she just needs to get over her childhood traumas and that she is doing nothing with her life.

Virginia then posted this story to her TikTok followed by another TikTok post where she chants: “we don’t f*uck republicans” over and over. What’s worse is that Clara from Season 12 appears to be egging her on. Virginia subsequently accused Erik’s mother of doing too much for Erik, like buying his groceries and cleaning his condo.

Erik had a much more subdued and classy response on Reddit of all places.

The response on the right follows an ongoing feud between Jacob Harder and Haley Harris. Apparently Haley and Virginia (and Clara) are now great friends, but so are Jacob and Erik. People have called Virginia out on her Instagram for inserting herself into Jacob’s IG live and telling him to shut his mouth. Followers have also called Virginia out on her alcoholism, Haley for being into girls and Jacob being a Trump supporter and a racist. In response to the comments about Jacob’s live Virginia responded that she sometimes says too much but likes to stand up for her friends.

One thing is clear

The maturity level often commented on between Virginia and Erik is now on full blast. “We don’t f*ck republicans…”… really, Virginia?

The whole thing is starting to sound like Courtney Robertson and Ben Flajnik from the Bachelor. Remember when she wrote this book and embarrassed herself and his whole family?

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