Virginia and Erik Married at First Sight

Virginia shares the heartbreaking reason behind her divorce from Erik

Virginia Coombs recently revealed the reason behind her divorce from Erik Lake, the pilot with whom she was matched on Season 12 of Married at First Sight, Atlanta. Virginia and Erik announced their divorce in July of 2021 citing differences in their life values: particularly political and social views. They also couldn’t agree on a timeline for having children. Since their divorce, Virginia has been very vocal about her disconnect with Erik, whose right wing conservative views did not align with her left wing liberal views. It would appear that the experts forgot to ask some very basic questions and set this couple up for failure from the get go.

The break up was drastic and public, causing a divide between Erik and Virginia’s fans. Erik’s supporters felt that Virginia was immature and unstable after she launched a character assassination of Erik on social media, while Virginia’s fans came down on Erik for being a Trump supporter and a chauvinist, following Virginia’s account of their tumultuous relationship.

The deeper issues between Virginia and Erik

But there were other issues that affected Virginia and Erik’s marriage, like their age difference, Virginia’s alcohol use, and the drama between her and Erik’s family and friends. Virginia has also been open about not getting along with members of her own family. She has spoken out about childhood trauma caused by her narcissistic father and emotionally unavailable mother: statements that came across as confusing and incomplete to fans who watched both parents attend her wedding. Virginia also accused Erik’s mother of doing too much for a man his age, like cleaning his condo and more.

What happened between Erik and Virginia?

In a recent Tik Tok video Virginia revealed the details of the incident that triggered the decline of her marriage to Erik.

According to Virginia, she and Erik were visiting her father over the Christmas holidays. Virginia had several glasses of wine and got into an argument with her father over a political issue, which extended into an argument about family issues. The conflict escalated until Virginia decided that it was best to leave. She demanded that Erik, who was sober, drive them home or at least leave immediately. (Virginia’s dad lives in Alabama and Erik and Virginia live in Atlanta 4-5 hours away.)

Erik’s betrayal through the eyes of Virginia

Instead of siding with Virginia and leaving, Erik instead chose to stay. He stayed up talking to her father long after Virginia went to bed. Afterwards, Erik revealed to Virginia that her dad admitted to “doing certain things” that he hadn’t previously taken responsibility for. The nature of those things is unknown. In other words they bonded, and Virginia’s father went deeper in conversation with Erik than he ever had with his own daughter.

Virginia felt betrayed. According to her, none of her exes have ever bonded with her father. They also disliked him for the same reasons that she does. The fact that Erik found common ground with him hurt her deeply, especially since Virginia wanted to dictate the type of relationship the two should have. Virginia described her struggle after the incident as “drinking, crying or sleeping” while Erik still continued to side with her father.

The beginning of the end

After the disastrous holiday incident Virginia found it difficult to recover. She saw too much of her father in Erik: the man who still triggers her trauma and insecurities. Erik and Virginia also continued to argue about their political principles. Because Erik has stayed silent, it is not publicly known what his views actually are, but the disconnect seems to revolve around human rights and privilege.

To be clear, Virginia has never named Erik in her Tik Toks, but if you follow her for a period of time, it becomes obvious that Erik is the “ex” that she is referring to. 

Virginia and Erik – where are they now?

Since their dramatic exit, Virginia is still very active on social media in 2022. Her Tik Toks feature everything from dancing videos, to beauty regimens, to failed romances. Recently, she has also begun talking about “behind the scenes” aspects of reality TV. Virginia is also now best friends with Clara Berghaus, who married Ryan Oubre on the same season. Virginia and Clara have since created a joint Bumble account seeking to date men who are not Geminis or republicans.

On October 18, 2022 Erik Lake announced that he is in new relationship. In an Instagram post featuring him and his new girlfriend Logen, Erik included several photos and a lengthy love message to his new lady. The two appear to have met during Logen’s trip to Europe in August of 2022.