unique Father's Day gift idea

Unique Father’s Day Gift Idea for 2023

Tired of buying socks and ties? What’s more unique than a crafty piece of art that you made together with the kids? If you are like me, you probably found this page by searching something like “unique Father’s Day gift ideas”.

When I stumbled on this, I was actually trying to find a unique gift for our family friend’s birthday who already has everything and is hard to shop for. I was going to buy it from Etsy, but I couldn’t find one with 3 adults, so my husband and I decided to make our own!

Father's Day stone art - father and two children
Unique Father’s Day Gift Idea featured on Etsy

I thought the “stone family” would make a really unique gift idea for Father’s Day as well so I am sharing the steps to make it. Scroll down to see our finished product! We are not really crafty people, but this was really easy and fun and only took about an hour to make. Our friend absolutely loved it and even cried.

What you will need

Stones for unique Father's Day Gift
Stones of different shapes and sizes. We found ours on a walk in the woods, but you can buy them too.
Branch for unique Father's Day Gift
Any branch, the flatter the better. We used two: one to simulate a log and another for a tree.
Shadow box for Father's Day art project
A shadow box picture frame.

Other than that you just need glue (a hot glue gun is best) and any other items you want to add to your stone family. We used seashells from our Caribbean trips and a coin from Costa Rica (another trip we took together) to make the moon. The seller on Etsy used scrabble pieces which is cool too.

Now it’s time to get creative!

Think of some special memories you’ve created with dad to put them into this unique Father’s Day gift. Now you are ready to make your stone family! Here is ours!

Father's Day art project
Framed Father's Day gift
Family, two dogs and a cat

As you can see we made three friends, two dogs and a cat. I am actually really pleased with how this turned out. For the cat ears I just cut out little triangles from paper and coloured them with a grey pencil.

Happy Father’s Day!

The best part is that you can get as unique as you like. Make balloons, a Christmas tree, or insert a special memento from a great day you had together with dad.

And if you can make dad cry with your unique Father’s Day gift, you nailed it!

Happy Father's Day

When is father’s day?

The next father’s day is on Sunday, June 18, 2023.