Lindsey says Olijuwon was aggressive with her

Drama comes early as the cast turns on Lindsey – Married at First Sight – Season 14, Boston

Lindsey Georgoulis came into Season 14 of MAFS like a wrecking ball. She has described her own personality is “a lot” and it quickly became too much for two other cast members.

First, finally, a nice honeymoon destination!

The cast heads to Puerto Rico, a nice change from what looked like an outdated Floridian timeshare last season (surely Myrla would concur). Upon finding out that they are headed to Puerto Rico, Lindsey and Mark were super excited. Lindsey is all too familiar with Puerto Rico, having spent a lot of time there. She even speaks Spanish fluently. The mood changed quickly though, after they landed. Within hours of meeting the other couples, Lindsey had already managed to offend Olajuwon and Katina.

Married at First Sight Season 13 honeymoon destination
MAFS Season 13 Honeymoon location. Not fancy.

The argument

According to both parties, Lindsey told Olajuwon that only Spanish should be spoken in Puerto Rico because it is “native land”. Olajuwon found this pushy and offensive, which formed an argument during which Lindsey jokingly asked him if he wants to fight her. Well, whatever he responded with really triggered and upset Lindsey, enough for the couple to take a separate bus to the hotel.

Olijuwon, Katina, Noi, Steve, Michael and Jasmina from Season 14 of Married at First Sight
Photo Credit – Lifetime

MTS to the rescue!

Upon arriving at the hotel, Mark and Lindsey did not join the rest of the cast while they enjoyed drinks in the beautiful location. Mark eventually came out to make peace and to defend Lindsey’s honor. While the others including Olajuwon were ready to let it go, Katina was still not having it. She explained that Lindsey’s personality is way too much for her and that she can only take her in small doses.

Mark and Olajuwon from Season 14 of Married at First Sight
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Harsh, but Lindsey is no stranger to conflict

Aside from constantly interrupting and making multiple inappropriate remarks, Lindsey also expressed her disdain for Alyssa, the bride who would not drink as much as the others. Lindsey all but called her boring and invisible and Alyssa has since blocked her on social media. However, Lindsey’s personality conflicts extend off-screen. Recently, an anonymous user took to Reddit to express his/her dislike for Lindsey. The user claimed to have texts of the exchange between Lindsey and her mother.

In previous episodes Lindsey mentioned that her mom is unkind, ignores her calls and did not care enough about her to attend her wedding. The redditor accused Lindsey of lying about her mom and even setting up the situation to make her mother look bad on purpose. According to this person, Lindsey’s mother had no knowledge of the filming of the first episode and was on a road trip, while Lindsey bad-mouthed her on camera.

Screenshot of Redditor’s accusations

Lindsey from Married at First Sight, Boston family accusations

So many jabronis right, Linds?

It’s hard to know what to believe, but even Lindsey’s dad said that her tongue is vicious and often gets her in trouble. During the family meet Mark received a “Lindsey survival kit” complete with snacks for when she is upset and a “NO” button, because this is a word that she needs to hear more often. Did Mark sign up for more than he can handle? Only time will tell.

Mark the Shark from Married at First Sight, Season 14 Boston
Mark the Shark – Photo Credit, Lifetime

But back to Olajuwon

This guy doesn’t just get a free pass, as he is another controversial cast member who’s gotten a lot of heat for his behavior. Aside from what seems like an overreaction to someone telling him to speak Spanish in Puerto Rico (who cares really, just say “thanks” and move on) Olajuwon upset fans when he said “a wife who doesn’t cook is not a wife”, forgot Katina’s name after he married her, and failed to impress her friends.

Olajuwon and Katina from Married at First Sight
Olajuwon and Katina – Photo Credit, Lifetime

The bachelor party

His behavior at the bachelor party was crass and inappropriate. He was all over the stripper, putting his face in her backside, swinging her leg over his shoulder and then actually taking off his own clothes and performing for the stripper himself. As Chris said, “when I see that I think… now that’s a guy who is ready to get married!”

Olajuwon at the bachelor party with stripper, MAFS
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…and so are them draws

Olajuwon also annoyed his wedding guests, including Katina’s mom, with incessant chatter. He attributed his behaviour to ADD (attention deficit disorder). Katina’s mom eventually elected to exit the conversation. Did she really say “look there is a rabbit” to distract him, or was that just a funny edit? Either way it was hilarious. But the underwear he wore on his wedding night… was just nasty. He really couldn’t buy something new for the occasion?

Olajuwon old dirty disgusting underwear boxers
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Mark the Shark wins this round

Mark gets all of the credit for this episode. He handled adversity really well. Moving forward it will be interesting to observe his level of patience with Lindsey. Between Katina and Lindsey it seems that Lindsey got a better deal. Mark is exhibiting loyalty and maturity: important qualities in a husband, while Olajuwon still has a lot of growing to do and underwear to budget for.