Tania 90 Day Fiance pregnancy photo, nude breast

What’s going on with Tania from 90 Day Fiancé?

Fans mistakingly assume that Tania is pregnant

Tania Maduro from 90 Day Fiancé, Season 7, surprised everyone with a beautiful photograph on Instagram which some mistook for a maternity shoot. In her post, Tania is seen in a see-through bed sheet, standing in a grassy field, looking away into the distance.

While the rest of Tania’s followers were busy ogling Tania’s audacious semi-nude pose, someone complimented Tania on her pregnancy photos looking natural and beautiful.

Tania thanked the commenter for the compliment which led to assumptions that she is indeed pregnant. Since the comment Tania has clarified that she is not pregnant and that she replied this way because she felt that the IG follower was being facetious.

Tania Maduro 90 Day Fiance pregnant
Courtesy – Tania Maduro’s Instagram

Tania on the 90 Day Fiancé, The Single Life

Since the misinterpreted pregnancy post, which turned out to be about “sexy astrology”, Tania is now being featured on The Single Life, Season 3. Tania went on her first date with an Aruban bartender named Joel, who questioned her authenticity after she explained that while she is emotionally divorced from her ex, Syngin Colchester, she hasn’t made it official on paper. Tania’s first date attire also did not go unnoticed, and neither did her topless swimming for the cameras leading up to the date. It would appear that Tania is pulling out all the stops in order to cash in on The Single Life, including shedding her old image and most of her clothing.

Tania Maduro boobs, Tania 90 day fiance topless
Courtesy – Tania Maduro’s Instagram

Naked by the waterfall

Of course the male fans on Tania’s page are loving the nudity and egging her on. But the female viewers are advising her to tone it down. Tania, however, is playing by her own rules. One of her more confusing posts included a completely nude photo which she partially captioned:

“Can’t wait for the day that we just accept each other as the humans we are. Our bodies are bodies. Nothing to be mocked, sexualized, or abused.”

Tania Maduro nude, Tania 90 Day Fiance naked
Courtesy: Tania Maduro’s Instagram

While this is a great sentiment, it somewhat contradicts the recent news that Tania has joined the many naked people of 90 Day Fiancé on Only Fans to sell pictures of her feet and other adult content. Is the body “nothing to be sexualized” or it is to be sexualized and photographed for perverts on the internet? Because it can’t really be both.

The many jobs of Tania

Tania Maduro’s other recent content has included links to her new YouTube channel which promises to feature content about her and Syngin prior to appearing on 90 Day Fiancé. Between The Single Life, astrology books, Only Fans, promoting bikinis, van life and now Youtube, the hustle is real.

Rumor has it that Syngin is also making sex videos with his new girlfriend for Only Fans. Perhaps Tania and Syngin have more in common than they thought as their roads have led to the same place: posting nudes on the internet.

Tania Maduro Instagram van life
Courtesy: Tania Maduro’s Instagram