Stacia Married at First Sight

Stacia from Married at First Sight sabotages her marriage

Stacia and Nate met three weeks ago. On paper, both spouses look great and have a similar outlook on marriage. On paper Stacia has a lot to offer. She is educated, has a great career and she is beautiful. But Stacia’s insecurities are always at a 10 and are jeopardizing her chance at a successful marriage.

It’s been three weeks, when will he say he loves me?!

Nate has been nothing but committed to the process so far. He is communicative, he is receptive, he is open and he seems like a good listener. But instead of focusing on all that, Stacia is focused on the fact that he hasn’t said “I love you” yet.

Again, it has been three weeks. Nate has repeatedly reassured Stacia that he is into her, that he likes her a lot and that he is committed to the marriage. He has also explained that he would like to know Stacia on a deeper level so that they can build a solid and lasting marriage together.

Stacia Married at First Sight
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But how do we get to love faster?

But this was not enough for Stacia who asked Nate where he is on the journey to love. Nate replied honestly that he is somewhere around a 4, which is a healthy number for the timeline of their relationship. Stacia, however, took this as a personal insult and stated that she is at an 8 and that Nate needs to get there faster. Nate continued to reassure her by telling her that he wants to get to know her soul and that he wouldn’t be discussing moving in with someone, sharing a bank account or having children if he felt nothing for her. But Stacia still wanted to know how she can get to a 10 faster.

“I want him to love me and I want him to say it.”

Stacia Karcher, MAFS Season 15

Stacia pushed the issue to such an extreme that Nate got frustrated and shut down. He expressed his concern and said that he doesn’t understand Stacia’s need to continue playing the devil’s advocate.

Nate said all that he could say on the subject but it wasn’t good enough or fast enough for Stacia. Even after speaking to Nate’s friends who advised her to be patient with him, she continued to push the issue so hard that Nate eventually got turned off. Stacia concluded that he simply cannot say “I love you” or open up.

Nate and Stacia Married at First Sight
Nate and Stacia
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Do you love me yet?

As if all this wasn’t enough, Stacia brought it all up again on their next date after the two took a private cooking lesson. As they were enjoying their meal Stacia again wanted to know how Nate was feeling. Nate replied that he felt fine. The argument didn’t go too far and he was happy that it’s over.

But Stacia again wanted to know why he doesn’t love her yet. To the cameras she explained that she is trying to keep it together, but that it’s not going well inside her head. Also according to her, “Nate’s explanations are bullsh*t”.

Nate Married at First Sight
Nate – Married at First Sight
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How about now?

Ok, so we are always discussing the red flags about the husbands on Married at First Sight. This time, Stacia is a walking red flag. She clearly is not judging Nate rationally by what he is doing and what he is saying, and instead focusing on the deep insecurity that she is not lovable. One does not have to be a therapist to conclude that this is not healthy behavior. Perhaps Stacia has had a number of toxic relationships where men lied to her about the intensity of their feelings (she did touch on that with Lindy in a previous episode). She would prefer that Nate lie and say that he loves her even though he clearly does not love her yet. This isn’t ok.

Stacia, read the room!

At this point Stacia is avoiding a beautiful potentially lifelong journey and heading straight into a brick wall. If she doesn’t gain some self awareness fast, her insecurities and trust issues will cost her her marriage. Let’s hope that Stacia sees the error of her ways and stops sabotaging her happiness.