Stacia and Nate Married at First Sight

Stacia and Nate are already headed for trouble – Married at First Sight, Season 15

MAFS Season 15, San Diego, is already a significant improvement over the Boston season. Say goodbye to Alyssa (the good person), the only couple that miraculously stayed together (Olajuwon and Katina) and say hello to a new set of couples and their yellow flags!

Nate and Stacia hit it off from the start and at first appeared to be well-matched. They were attracted to each other, had a number of great conversations and even let us peep their steamy shower scene. However, this match is already looking troublesome as both spouses seem to have a number of serious personal issues.

Nate’s bankruptcy

During a conversation with Stacia’s family, Nate revealed that he filed for bankruptcy before he moved to San Diego. While this may not be a deal breaker for some, Stacia, who prides herself on her finances clutched her purse. She immediately requested a postnup which left Nate feeling a little deflated. But while Nate should be commended for being upfront about his debts, he should also be scrutinized for dismissing the seriousness of the bankruptcy. Nate was quick to reassure Stacia that his past credit issues wouldn’t affect their future financial commitments. However, it is a well-known fact that a bankruptcy stays on a credit report for 7 to 10 years, so unless his bankruptcy is older than 7 years it would still most definitely affect his credit. Also, if this is old news and his credit is back to normal then why bring it up at all during an initial meeting with Stacia’s family?

Stacia and Nate’s careers do not align

Stacia is an accountant who is also invested in multiple properties and Nate is a day trader. Both Stacia and Nate work from home. But accounting is a stable regimented profession with a clear career path and day trading is a very high-risk activity with the potential to lose a lot. Some financial experts and gambling addiction specialists posture that day trading is more akin to gambling than it is to investing.

“Day traders usually buy on borrowed money, hoping that they will reap higher profits through leverage, but running the risk of higher losses too.” 

U.S Securities and Exchange Commission

Perhaps Nate has the day trading game figured out, but maybe there is more to the bankruptcy story than he is letting on.

Both Nate and Stacia work from home

This is a lot for any couple, but especially one that just met! Stacia also maintains an impeccable level of cleanliness to the point that her family and friends refer to her house as a “model home”. Working from home means that Stacia and Nate will have to do some seriously quick adjusting to one another’s schedule and domestic habits. They will be in each other’s space constantly. The work from home situation will also reveal what, and how much work the two are doing all day long. Can you imagine being an accountant and watching someone make risky trades day in and day out? Will this make Stacia happy? Only time will tell.

Stacia wants kids immediately

Stacia’s ideal husband would give her children within one year. Nate, 34, asked for a younger match but was convinced to go older by the experts. Stacia, 37, wants children right away which biologically makes sense for her. However, Nate wasn’t ready to hear that he might be expected to become a father in 365 days and said that his timeline is close to 2-3 years, which is a reasonable timeline for him.

Nate is already complaining about Stacia’s habits

After having a shower and getting dressed on their honeymoon, Nate was surprised that Stacia was still getting ready. When asked about how long it takes her to get ready Stacia replied that it takes her 1-2 hours. She clarified that this is only if she’s going somewhere nice, not just to run out to the store or something which would take about 15 minutes. From the sounds of it Nate needs to get used to giving Stacia’s beauty routine a head start.

Stacia seems to have some serious abandonment issues

Stacia was raised by a single mother and has never met her dad. When asked by the other women why she chose to change her name, Stacia said that she never liked having her father’s last name and is not connected to that part of her identity. In other words she is taking on a new identity for her and her future family. She added that even if things didn’t work out with Nate she would probably still keep his last name. All this would be understandable if Nate wasn’t a complete stranger. Stacia seems in a bit of a rush to shed her identity and move on to a new one, which isn’t a trait of a happy person.

All of these issues could be worked out between two loving and patient partners. However, for two people who just met this is a lot. Is Nate the right man for Stacia? This remains to be seen.