Paul and Karine 90 Day Fiance

The disturbing demise of Paul and Karine from 90 Day Fiancé

Paul Staehle and Karine Martins first appeared on Season 1 of the 90 Day Fiancé spin off Before the 90 Days. Fans welcomed oddball Paul along with the huge dose of cringe and laughter which he brought to the spin off. After getting his mother’s blessings along with a lock of her hair, 34 year old Paul traveled to meet 19 year old Karine in the remote Brazilian village of Tonantins. They say that the weirder the guy, the further he must travel to find love. Well, Tonantins is only accessible by boat and is located 867 km upstream from Manaus, the state capital. After arriving in Brazil, Paul would have had to travel for around 5 days by boat, alone, in a foreign country, without knowing the language or wondering if someone is trying to catfish him or steal his organs. This was 90 Day Fiancé GOLD.

Paul Staehle’s criminal past should have raised red flags

But his mother’s hair must’ve brought him luck, as Karine turned out to be who she said she was: a young, naive village girl who has never met someone like Paul and thus a perfect victim. As the story unraveled, some red flags began to surface. Paul revealed that he has a criminal record in the US which could affect his Brazilian visa. In 2007, Staehle was accused of committing second-degree arson and “Burning Personal Property To Defraud Insurer.” He was found guilty in 2014 and served a brief prison sentence. His supervision ended in April 2020. That’s about all that was featured on Season 1 about his criminal history, but Paul also added that he was in a number of toxic relationships that ended badly. That’s putting in lightly, because since the show aired in 2017, a number of very serious allegations against Paul surfaced on the internet which included stalking, sex with minors, threats, harassment and more. It would appear that Paul is a pretty sick puppy and the kind of guy who has parents locking their doors.

It is obvious that the show didn’t look into his background too much.

Paul’s criminal record, the 15 year age difference, and traveling to one of the more remote locations of the world to meet a 19 year old from the internet should have put a pause on production, potentially saving Karine from her fate in the next several years.

Karine’s parents had a bad feeling about Paul

Perhaps one of the saddest aspects of 90 Day Fiancé is seeing the deplorable conditions that some of the cast members come from and the lengths they are willing to go to escape the hopelessness of their lives. It is truly heartbreaking to see the fallen faces of the fathers as they meet the likes of Big Ed, David Toborowski and Paul Staehle. Could the camera crew from an American show have given Karine’s parents a false sense of security? He can’t be that bad if he is a star of a TV show, right?

But Karine’s mom couldn’t stop crying. She could tell that something was off about Paul. Really, who makes a vulgar gesture to the bride’s father when asking for his blessings? Let’s also not forget that Paul demanded that Karine take an STD test on camera before he slept with her and also told everyone that he might not be the father of Karine’s baby during the Tell All. Still, the language barrier and lack of cultural experience probably left Karine’s parents feeling as if they were misunderstanding Paul’s demeanour and intentions towards their daughter. But a mother’s instinct is always right and had Karine’s mom foreseen Karine’s future, she likely would have done more to prevent it than just cry endless tears.

The downward spiral

Paul and Karine’s relationship began to spin out of control somewhere around their second time on 90 Day Fiancé. Karine, now in the US, looked deeply unhappy while Paul showed her debilitated trailers full of garbage as an option for their new family home. Karine’s looked disgusted and disappointed as she walked through squalor carrying her son. Some of the first English words to come out of Karine’s mouth were “You are a bad husband, Paul” and “shut up, Paul”. Karine said that she wasn’t looking for luxury, only a clean home with 2 bedrooms and a place for her son to play. During that season Karine also went to see a divorce lawyer on her own which enraged Paul who threatened to take away her son, Pierre. Karine, horrified, begged through tears in broken English for Paul not to take away Pierre. But Paul now had her isolated in the US and away from her family and under his full control. During all this, fans were still laughing at Paul who continued running with his pants falling down and becoming unhinged because Karine took an Uber without his permission.

Things took a sinister turn

Following their second appearance on 90 Day Fiancé, there were several allegations of abuse from both parties. Karine alleged that Paul physically assaulted her and even grabbed and twisted her breast during one of the altercations. Karine also claimed that Paul made her have sex while hiding her birth control pills because he wanted another baby. 

Then things became downright gross

In 2020 Karine did in fact get pregnant again. During this time Paul and Karine joined Only Fans and began making wild and disgusting sexual content for their deranged fans. At first a very pregnant Karine was just modelling in lingerie, but then the content extended to sex, lactation, masturbation, and humiliation videos. “Paul and Karine sex tape” started topping Google searches. For more explicit details about what Paul and Karine were selling on Only Fans, you can watch this YouTube summary. While some blame both parties, others who have seen the videos have concluded that Karine does not look like a willing participant and it is Paul who is pulling the strings.

The situation turns dangerous

Karine and Paul welcomed their second son Ethan into the world on July 1, 2021. From there, the toxicity of their marriage became too much. A deeply disturbing video made by Paul showed Karine passed out on the floor with her arms and head on the couch while Ethan laid in a bed unattended. Karine didn’t look like she was sleeping. She looked drugged and barely moving. In the video Paul appears to be trying to show that Karine is a bad mother. He says things like “are you ok sweety” and “will you try and hurt yourself again, you had a knife earlier” and more things of that nature. Karine is barely respondent as her oldest son Pierre comes over and tries to hug his mom.

Another video surfaced of Karine assaulting Paul on what looks like a security camera. Karine grabs Paul by the hair and slams his head backwards into the couch. Oddly Paul doesn’t appear to be fighting back and since there is no prequel to this scene it’s hard to know what led up to it.

Karine and Paul lose their children

By the end of 2021 Karine and Paul as well as Paul’s mother (whom a judge deemed unfit) lost all rights to the children. In June of 2022 there were also allegations against Paul for kidnapping Pierre. Pierre appeared on a missing person’s website for a short period. Pierre has since been returned safely according to Karine on Instagram.

This deeply unsettling relationship seems to have finally ended resulting in a broken home for two little boys. Karine has since posted more videos explaining her side of the story. It is evident that Paul is not a stable individual and should not be around children. It is unclear whether Karine is an unfit mother or if Paul drove her to her demise. Karine does not appear to be well. Fans have speculated that she could be suffering from postpartum depression and/or PTSD.

The good news is that Pierre and Ethan are safe. Let’s hope that they can find a stable home soon without too much more trauma in their young lives.

Paul Staehle is still posting videos of himself running through the woods and grocery stores and lists himself as a “comedian”.

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