Myrla Married at First Sight new boyfriend

Myrla has a new boyfriend!

It’s been a minute, but after the Season 13 rollercoaster of Married at First Sight Texas Myrla Feria is finally dating again. Myrla received a lot of backlash after a cold break up with fan favorite Gil Cuero following their decision to stay together, but she didn’t let the noise stop her from moving forward.

Myrla has been busy traveling and promoting and has now met someone special. However, instead of just posting a picture of her new man to Instagram, Myrla has decided to build up some suspense. So far fans have only been allowed to see the new boyfriend goofing around and playing video games from behind and with an emoticon hiding his face.

Who is Myrla Feria dating?

After her appearance on the Married at First Sight Tell All, viewers wondered if Myrla may have been dating her cast mate Johnny. Myrla and Johnny came across as flirtatious as they sat close to one another on set in front of a tearful Gil. Johnny and Myrla have also admitted to traveling and spending a lot of time together in 2022. But the new boyfriend is definitely not Johnny, and here is what we know about him so far.

From the pictures he appears to be tall, black with a full head of hair and full beard.

Myrla Feria new boyfriend
Myrla’s new boyfriend
Courtesy – Myrla’s Instagram

He has a little dog

Cue the “awws”. While the exact breed is unknown, the dog looks a Gordon Setter puppy: an adorable cuddler with floppy ears. Myrla now also has a little dog which looks like a poodle mix. Myrla has obviously changed her mind about disliking dogs since taking care of Gil’s dog Hype.

Myrla’s new boyfriend loves video games

Myrla and the mystery man are playing a lot of video games. Has Myrla traded her nights out on the town for watching a guy try to beat a level for 4 hours? Surprising, as Myrla has been very clear about her stringent career goals and laser focus. She doesn’t seem like someone who would enjoy wasting this kind of time, but so far she is into it.

Myrla was all smiles as she posted a picture of herself tucked in by her new boyfriend on the couch. She captioned it “Being tucked by a man is….” to the song Woman to Woman by Shirley Brown.

Myrla Married at First Sight new boyfriend
Courtesy – Myrla’s Instagram

Who is better looking?

After Myrla dumped Gil, she admitted to not being attracted to him on their wedding day. She quoted the lack of attraction as the reason for their break up along with Gil’s irresponsible money habits. Viewers disagreed and the handsome firefighter stole many hearts following the show.

It’s hard to tell which guy is better looking, but Gil certainly had more swag. Gil is winning in the looks department for now, at least until we see the new boyfriend in something other than track pants and a plain white t-shirt. We are anxiously awaiting the full boyfriend reveal!

Myrla Feria, nearly nude, bikini, sexy
Courtesy – Myrla Feria Instagram

Myrla’s new boyfriend (update)

Myrla has removed all mention of the new man from her Instagram and appears to be single.