myrla and gil married at first sight

Myrla dumps Gil two weeks after decision day

So… this might be the first time the Reunion of Married at First Sight was crazier than the actual season.

They were the perfect couple… until she changed her mind

Gil and Myrla appeared to be the “it” couple of the 13th Season, but things aren’t always as they appear. Gil and Myrla were matched for good reasons. Both ambitious, stylish, attractive, with a no-nonsense attitude and Hispanic roots to boot, they seemed like the perfect match. They seemed to hit it off right away and were mutually attracted to one another. While Myrla said that she did ask for a man who wasn’t bald, eventually she stated that it didn’t matter to her and she felt her husband was handsome. Finally the experts seemed to get it right and the couple was off to a good start.

Myrla and Gil - Season 13 of Married at Fist Sight
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Deep connections

As the show went on things got deeper. Gil and Myrla learned that they shared a horrific life experience: both of their fathers were murdered. This tragic coincidence appeared to help them develop a deep human understanding of one another that few people could relate to. Gil even took Myrla to his childhood home where the crime occurred. He mentioned that while he has talked about his father’s death before, he had never brought anyone there. Myrla shared that her father was stabbed to death by some family members who later confessed. This unbelievable and eerie coincidence was never discussed with the other cast members or experts on camera.

Myrla really seemed to like Gil

While Gil struggled with Myrla’s spending habits and tried hard to pull her off her pedestal, she seemed unfazed and even somewhat amused. They appeared to have great chemistry, shared inside jokes and Myrla was very affectionate despite being a private person and an introvert. Myrla was recorded multiple times saying that she would make attitude adjustments for her husband. Gil often called her out for complaining and being negative, and Myrla’s response was that she was absorbing the information and changing her behaviour for the benefit of the relationship.

Gil and Myrla being affectionate at home
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She even walked Hype!

Despite being disgusted by Gil’s dog at first, eventually Myrla began walking him and bonding with him.

So what in the world happened after decision day?

Gil revealed that he sold everything but his blender, clothes and dog to move in with Myrla after decision day. On decision day viewers saw Myrla crying happy tears to Dr. Pepper about how lucky she got with her match. She seemed genuinely happy, so viewers and even host Kevin Fraser were rather shocked by her decision to get a divorce right after the show ended. So was everything she said a lie? Was she acting?

Myrla Feria Married at First Sight
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Who is Myrla?

In retrospect Myrla did contradict herself quite a bit. We saw two completely different sides of Myrla. She said that she never wanted a wedding, but went on Married at First Sight. We met the Myrla that hates dogs and the Myrla who likes to take care of Hype. There was the “I will not kiss you” Myrla and the super snuggly and affectionate Myrla. Finally the gushing and in love Myrla and the “kicking him to the curb two weeks later” Myrla. One thing she never wavered on, however, was money. Myrla was clear that money was the number one goal in her life and whoever she married would have to complement her ambition to live an upscale lifestyle.

Myrla and Gil laugh and snuggle
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So what happened? Was it really the clash of lifestyle?

When questioned, Myrla said that she was never into Gil in the first place, she didn’t love him, and that they never matched on important factors such as financial stability. While Gil isn’t a millionaire, he is a firefighter and he does make good money. In fact, he revealed that he makes $100 a paycheck more than Myrla. So what is going on here? This feels way too petty to be about money, and her actions on the show told a completely different story. Did something happen between them that completely turned her off? It definitely feels like something huge is missing in this story, but judge for yourself after you hear Myrla’s side of the story.

You are dismissed, thank you

After Gil admitted to still being in love with her, Myrla treated him like yesterday’s news. She even added that she knows what it’s like to love someone, because she has loved someone before him. OUCH! That is cold! Maybe this wasn’t meant to be, but did she really need to pour salt into the wound? While women everywhere weep for Gil’s heartbreak, Myrla has no regrets. According to her, she has moved on and is doing fine.

Gil and Myrla reunion part 1
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Business sense but no heart

Still visibly confused, Gil said that he has gained a new insecurity: that someone may never want to be with him. While that is surely not true, Myrla has definitely put him through the ringer and stripped him of his dignity. She has also stripped off her wedding dress and is selling it online (while the show still airs, so it retains its value) for $6,490 USD + shipping.

Myrla from Married at First Sight is selling her wedding gown