Miranda Hobbes from the Sex and The City Revival - And Just Like That

Miranda Hobbes discovers woke culture in “And Just Like That” and it’s not pretty

And just like that, the first 2 episodes of the Sex and the City revival have already passed us by, leaving fans divided right down the middle. Some have congratulated the new series for tackling complex social issues, while others have called the first two episodes cringeworthy, accusing “woke” culture of dragging Sex and the City through the mud. The revival is actually an interesting phenomenon that we haven’t witnessed in the past. Undeniably there has been a huge shift in culture since the beloved Sex and the City first aired in 1998.

Miranda Hobbes on And Just Like That faces woke culture
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Woke culture was still asleep

The only expectations we had were for the girls back then was to make us laugh through awkward dating nuances, embarrassing moments and of course lots of sex talk. Did you ever compare your own friend group to the famous four? Which personality are you? Samantha? Carrie? Charlotte? 

Sex and the City the original - Charlotte York, Carrie Bradshawe, Miranda Hobbes, Samantha Jones
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Me, I am a Miranda. Well… I was a Miranda, but now I am not so sure.

Let’s go down memory lane and explore Miranda’s character for a second. Miranda Hobbes is a smart, sharp, focused, loyal, unapologetically independent no-nonsense kind of person. She is a feminist, she is cynical, she is resistant to change. She is reserved. She is beyond patient with her friends. That’s of course until she is pushed too far, usually by Carrie. Remember the time she confronted Carrie over the “bullshit bagels”? Best episode ever. Actually Carrie could be a pretty bad friend at times, but Miranda, being the loyal one, always stuck it out. She was the mature one, the one who wouldn’t lie to you, the one who wouldn’t walk away easily, and the friend that everyone needs.

Miranda Hobbes - Sex and the City meme
Miranda Hobbes tells off her cleaning lady on Sex and the City – credit HBO

She kissed a girl and she didn’t like it

Miranda was also successful and hard working. In the original Sex and the City, Miranda often complained that as a successful corporate lawyer she felt undervalued and overworked. She especially hated her boss but at the same time tried hard to fit in with his crowd. She even went as far as pretending to be gay for a corporate dinner invite. And who could forget Miranda’s fight to be seen as “normal” while being single in her thirties, with skepticism at every step: from buying an apartment to attending her own mother’s funeral while single.

Miranda Hobbes Sex and the City
Miranda Hobbes pretends to be gay for an office party invite – Credit HBO

You would think that by the time Miranda reached her mid 50s and made the plunge to abandon her 30 year law career in pursuit of a Master’s Degree in human rights she would have been prepared for the world.

But the world has changed and not just for Miranda. We all feel that shift and that’s what makes Miranda so relatable yet again. In episode 1 we watch Miranda struggle with “white guilt” while simultaneously offending her young black professor, first by comments about her hair, then by trying to rescue her when security wouldn’t let her into the building. Some viewers found that part exceptionally cringeworthy, but let’s stop and think….was this behaviour that unexpected from Miranda’s character?

Miranda Hobbes episode 1 of And Just Like That

Miranda has always been seeking approval way too hard

She struggled with her insecurities and tirelessly sought external validation. Remember the episode when no one picked her for a hypothetical threesome so she actually recruited a couple who confirmed that she was attractive? It was only after this external validation that she could move on with her life.  She made blunder after blunder, and her reality was constructed from her own assumptions. Remember when she thought her coworkers were laughing at her braces so she decided to take charge and confront them in front of everyone only embarrassing herself? Or the time she decided to butt into a complete stranger’s conversation to tell her that the guy who won’t call her back is just not that into her?

Miranda Hobbes on the original Sex and the City
Miranda Hobbes walks away proudly after explaining to a stranger that the man who is not calling is “Just not that into her”. Credit – HBO

So wouldn’t it make sense that in And Just Like That we are seeing just that: more flawed Miranda? Miranda making assumptions about what the professor will look like. Miranda assuming that the professor needs to be rescued from the security guy. Then standing there awkwardly and waiting for approval? So this time as an overachiever she takes it way too far, then tries to rectify the situation and takes it too far again. Blunder after blunder, same Miranda, different era.

And isn’t that relatable?

Just when you think you have figured out who you are, made some money and raised a kid or two, the world changes and you have no idea who you are again. Except now you are older and it’s not so easy to jump ship or to fit in. Miranda is failing horribly and it’s fun and cringeworthy to watch especially for those of us who have also struggled with navigating this rapidly changing world. After all, aren’t we all afraid to say the wrong thing? Aren’t we all struggling with our identity on some level? Of course not everyone shares this view of the ever-fumbling goofy Miranda.

And Just Like That meme - woke Charlotte

“The sophisticated and urbane lawyer Miranda Hobbes acts as though she’s never encountered a black person in her decades of living in Brooklyn and New York City.

The New York Post, New ‘Sex and the City’ series ‘And Just Like That’ is woke, weird and awful

One thing is for sure And Just Like That is not just about having cosmos with the girlfriends and shopping anymore. Whether you love it or hate it, watching the cast battle a whole new set of issues is just what we needed this Christmas season.

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