mark the shark MAFS

Mark the Shark is sinking and Lindsey’s rescue is going off course

Mark the Shark has just returned from his honeymoon. He is homeless, he has bed bugs and a new very loud stranger wife who is throwing out all his stuff because it doesn’t “spark joy”. While Mark was away, his mother figure landlady threw him out and changed the lease to exclude Mark’s cats, so before the couple can continue with their plan to move into their assigned apartment they must deal with his things. Lindsey has offered Mark to move into her place which he has never seen. They have now known each other for 8 days. MTS is stressed to the max.

“This week has been a lot, but at the same time I appreciate that she is so warm and nurturing”.

Lindsey and Mark head over to his apartment in hazmat suits to pack up his stuff, and what a scene it is. Most of the furniture has been removed and the place is upside down. There are bags full of 90210 DVDs, baseballs, and to Lindsey’s horror Mark turns out not only to be a Live Love Laugh guy but instead a Live Love Laugh aficionado.

Mark and Lindsey - Live Love Laugh

There are FIVE signs of that style in Mark’s apartment

Lindsey and Mark clean his apartment
Photo Credit – Lifetime
Lindsey and Mark bed bugs
Photo Credit – Lifetime
Lindsey and Mark Married at First Sight Boston
Photo Credit – Lifetime

Shockingly Lindsey doesn’t comment and instead focuses on telling Mark that most of his stuff is trash including his Keurig, plates and dresser. As much as Mark is grateful for the help, he is unhappy with being talked down to.

“I appreciate the help but not when someone is doing things without asking how I want them done”

Mark the Shark, MAFS

Mark moves his stuff and three cats into Lindsey’s apartment where they meet all the plants and check out the decor. Yikes. Live Love Laugh is not looking too bad in retrospect. But while there is some laughing there is not a lot of loving happening between the two. Apparently after the honeymoon the shark refused to attack and Lindsey needs to know what muddied the waters. No amount of bed bugs, cameras, or farting in bed will stop Lindsey from getting what she wants and she needs to know that Mark hasn’t completely pulled out.

Decor in Lindsey's apartment
Lindsey’s decor. Photo credit – Lifetime.

Mark and Lindsey meet with Pastor Cal

Pastor Cal acknowledges that Lindsey is coming from a place of purity and love and that she needs to be affirmed. He also advises Lindsey to give herself to Mark in small doses as he is clearly overwhelmed. After Pastor Cal leaves, Mark says that the experts are not living with them and don’t hear the exchanges that go on behind the scenes.

Mark the Shark and Lindsey meet with Pastor Cal on Married at First Sight
Mark the Shark and Lindsey. Photo Credit – Lifetime.

There is a lot of crap to deal with

He is used to people having a filter and being with Lindsey is the equivalent of being waterboarded (with kindness). It appears that Mark the Shark got himself into unchartered waters. Two weeks ago he was at the top of the food chain and now he is weathering a sh*t storm with his feet up on a squatty potty.

Will this marriage survive or is it time to reel it in?

Mark the Shark and Lindsey in her apartment, Married at First Sight
The Squatty Potty which was ironically featured on… Shark Tank.