MAFS couples season 15

MAFS Season 15 Couples: The Journey So Far

Married at First Sight Season 15, San Diego is heating up as the couples get ready to return from their honeymoon. The women and men have already formed close friendships within their groups and vowed to support one another through their journeys. Will season 15 produce any successful matches?

Lindy and Miguel

Lindy comes from a very religious background. From the beginning, Lindy was clear that sex is something she doesn’t rush into, that she wants it to be meaningful, and that she got married to be with someone for a lifetime. Miguel on the other hand has indirectly stated that he needs to sleep with a girl to know if he likes her. When the other men suggested that waiting is more meaningful, Miguel replied that he doesn’t mind having “mediocre” sex until then.

Lindy and Miguel Married at First Sight Season 15

Earlier in the honeymoon Lindy asked Miguel to slow down with the dirty talk and sex jokes because it was making her uncomfortable. Miguel responded by offering her a massage and making jokes about his erection. The other women were aware of Lindy’s standards so they were surprised to hear that she has already slept with Miguel. Stacia expressed her concerns about Miguel pressuring Lindy into bed, then burst into tears explaining that this has happened to her in the past. Lindy, however, didn’t appreciate the sentiment. She reassured Stacia that sex with Miguel was “beautiful” and that it was her decision. She also expressed that due to her religious background she’s been judged rather harshly in the past and asked not to have a repeat of that. Unfortunately for Lindy nobody took her account of events at face value because it looked too much like she slept with Miguel to get him to like her. Lindy is obviously into Miguel, while he is still not sure about his feeling for her. The way Miguel ignored Lindy’s boundaries didn’t sit well with the others.

Nate and Stacia

Lindy’s insecurities were showing as she turned the conversation back on Stacia. Lindy pointed out that Nate has been glued to his phone throughout the honeymoon and posting too much. Lindy also brought Nate’s authenticity into question and called him “curated”. Stacia confirmed that she has also been questioning Nate’s reasons for being on the show. While at first glance Stacia appeared to be very together, her hang ups began to surface rather quickly.

Stacia and Nate Married at First Sight

In earlier episodes we learned that Stacia’s father was not in her life and this caused her to want to change her last name to assume a new identity. After Lindy got into her head, Stacia began to question Nate’s true intentions despite him saying that he is falling in love with her. She disclosed that at times she struggles with her self worth fearing that Nate will detach from her. Stacia has yet to get to know Nate, and is already terrified of being abandoned by him. Stacia also suggested the two go to couple’s therapy: an unorthodox request for a couple that met only a week ago. Nate reluctantly agreed, but it was obvious that he thought it was weird. So far, Nate seems to be all in and giving their marriage a chance. Let’s hope that Stacia’s insecurities don’t get in the way of her happiness.

Krysten and Mitch

Speaking of insecurities, what could feel worse than your partner saying that they aren’t attracted to you? At the wedding, Mitch appeared to be more attracted to Krysten’s mom than to Krysten. He complimented her mom’s looks several times, while ignoring his wife! However, Krysten didn’t let his comments deflate her. She handled the situation with poise and patience which turned Mitch’s lack of interest around. She also took the comments about her mom as a compliment. Krysten has all but written a guide book for Mitch, giving him directions on how to make their marriage work.

Krysten and Mitch Married at First Sight

Mitch has given her nothing but mixed signals. Is Mitch worth it? The guy wore a bandaid on his head after having a hissy fit about his beard being trimmed too short. He didn’t bother cleaning up his kitchen or bathroom knowing full well that Krysten and the cameras would be visiting. Since then, Mitch and Krysten have consummated their marriage and Krysten revealed that it was “fast”. So far Krysten is looking way too good for Mitch and trying way too hard to please him. 

Alexis and Justin

Pinky and the Brain surprised everyone when they dropped the “L” word before the end of the honeymoon. This was after Alexis, who has been proposed to three times, revealed that she saw Justin on a dating app six months ago, but turned him down because of his body type. Justin is also a cryer. He cried for Binh not getting the same love opportunity as himself, something that Nate found pretty weird. Nate is correct Justin’s behavior so far has been odd. From falling in love in three minutes to hiding the fact that his dog has been in fights to crying about a man’s relationship whom he’s just met, Justin has everyone scratching their heads.

Justin and Alexis Married at First Sight

Fans have speculated that his persona is not real, and that his crying is manipulative. Justin seems to be presenting us with a different personality than the one he showed initially when he spoke about women looking at him like a “snack”. All this has Alexis stopped in her tracks, clutching her dog and ready to run. She is suspicious, uncomfortable and triggered: a far cry from “loving this man” on the honeymoon.

Morgan and Binh

Binh and Morgan seemed to hit it off at first. They shared many laughs and Morgan liked his body. However, things turned sour when Binh blabbed Morgan’s “big secret” to Justin, as well as to the cameras. Apparently Morgan told the experts that she completed her Bachelor of Science degree when she was actually one credit short. Binh misunderstood her and thought that this meant that she lied about being a nurse. To clarify, Morgan is a nurse and has been working as a nurse since 2019. In California one can become a registered nurse after completing an associates degree, although the pay is significantly lower, which is why Morgan has been working to complete a Bachelor’s degree. So while Morgan did lie, the lie wasn’t very significant.

Morgan and Binh Married at First Sight

Binh has also been rather judgmental about Morgan’s lack of relationship with her father and student loans, while classifying himself as someone who is very financially stable with an excellent family life. These comments came across as callous to Morgan who was left feeling like she isn’t checking Binh’s boxes. Morgan felt that Binh should be seeing her value instead of her list of imperfections. It’s hard to argue with that. Perhaps someone should explain to Binh that having a great set of parents is a matter of luck and that not everyone is so fortunate. In fact, all of the wives this season seem to have flawed relationships with their fathers. Judging his new wife from the throne of an entitled child isn’t a good look for Binh.

Who stays together from Married at First Sight, Season 15?

Lindy and Miguel seem to have the most stability, Stacia and Nate are a question mark, and Krysten will do anything to keep Mitch interested. Binh and Justin seem to have already blown it with their wives.

Let’s hope that Season 15 of Married at First Sight produces some good matches. The show’s track record has been terrible with only two couples (Vincent and Brianna and Olajuwon and Katina) staying together from the last 3 seasons.