Lindsey and Mark the Shark Instagram live

Lindsey Georgoulis from MAFS Season 14 exposes everyone in a wild Instagram Live – Part 2

Do you miss Mark?

“NO. I do not miss Mark. I wish he would stop texting my best friend and my dad. I told my dad the other day that he is not that good of a person and I am tired of hiding his shit.”

Lindsey, MAFS Season 14

Lindsey Georgoulis did not have a lot of nice things to say about her ex husband Mark Maher aka Mark the Shark. From the beginning Lindsey was ruthless in her summary of who Mark is, but it only got worse on her Instagram Live.

MAFS Season 14 cast - Olajuwon Dickerson, Steve Moy, Mark Maher, Chris Collette, Michael Morency
Courtesy – Mark’s Instagram

Lindsey announced Mark’s SAT score

Lindsey, a nurse project manager, has always been clear that she thinks she is much smarter than Mark, who was between jobs at the time of recording their season. But she really drove it home when she announced his below average SAT score (insert low number here) which was obviously shared with her in a private setting.

“I mean, we are not playing with a full deck of cards here, maybe just the jokers”

Lindsey Georgoulis, MAFS Season 14

Lindsey was not happy about moving into Mark’s place

In the Instagram Live Lindsey mentioned that Mark convinced her to give up her rent controlled exclusive brownstone apartment in Boston in order to move in with him and not split up their family of cats. She proceeded to explain (explicitly) that Mark’s house had a bathroom smell left over from his incontinent mother who was living there on her own. Lindsey didn’t want to take on another house project and she regretted giving up her place for a marriage that was obviously not working.

Lindsey had Mark’s mother put into a mental health facility

On MAFS Season 14, Mark did share that his mom suffered some mental health issues which apparently were quite serious, so Lindsey took it upon herself to have Mark’s mom moved to a mental health facility which she called a “psyche ward”. When asked about Mark’s caring for his mom, Lindsey said that he wasn’t capable of taking care of her and that by the end she was in a pretty neglected state.

“I mean if you call bringing her two sandwiches in three days while she is sitting there covered in (waste) taking care of her, then sure.”

Lindsey told everyone that Mark the Shark spent his entire inheritance on steroids

After being asked why she was testing Mark’s sperm on the show when she knew that she clearly wasn’t interested in him long term, Lindsey said that it was Mark’s idea. Mark had done so many steroids that he wasn’t sure if he had any swimmers left. In fact he spent his entire inheritance from his uncle (insert large dollar amount here) on steroids.

In summary

Mark the Shark was a pathetic loser with no job who was not up to her standards. Lindsey did everything for him without anything in return. He was the dimmest of the dimmest lightbulbs and she couldn’t understand why the experts would match him with someone like her, and when a follower asked: “So why did you keep going? You must’ve known in your gut that this man wasn’t right for you?” Lindsey said:

“Because I am not a quitter.”