Lindsey says Olijuwon was aggressive with her

Lindsey Georgoulis from MAFS Season 14 exposes everyone in a wild Instagram Live – Part 1

The “Lindsey magic” was real last night as Lindsey Georgoulis exposed raunchy secrets behind some of her cast mates of Married at First Sight, Season 14 on Instagram Live. Lindsey started off with a few sips of wine and gushing about her new man, a lawyer named Ray, who is definitely NOT a chicken finger guy. Ray has been wooing Lindsey for a little while now. The two have been touring Napa Valley and Ray has already taken Lindsey to a Michelin star restaurant.

But the boyfriend “soft launch” quickly turned into an exposé of former cast mates as Lindsey began to answer questions about them bluntly and in great detail. Here is a summary of what Lindsey said, starting with the scandalous story of Chris Collette (the quiet and shy realtor) who was aggressively rejected by Alyssa Ellman (the dog saving good person).

Chris and Alyssa

Alyssa was one of the most hated brides to ever appear on Married at First Sight. She openly stated that she is not attracted to her new husband, Chris Collette, and also asserted that she deserves to stay on the show because she “worked really hard” to get there. Alyssa wanted to live in the apartment set up for the Married at First Sight couples alone, and refused to spend even a moment next to Chris. Chris reported that Alyssa wouldn’t sit next to him on the plane and was on the phone with her divorce lawyer while on their way to the honeymoon.

Viewers questioned Alyssa’s obnoxious behavior because Chris Collette came across as such a nice guy. But according to Lindsey, Alyssa may have had a reason to be creeped out by Chris.

alyssa married at first sight

Chris and Olivia never dated

After the Alyssa fiasco, Chris tried to mend his broken heart by contacting one of the nicest and sweetest former cast members of Married at First Sight – Olivia Cornu, who was matched with Brett Lindsey on MAFS Season 11. Olivia and Brett crashed and burned as they had little in common besides liking cats. Brett also abandoned Olivia in the middle of the season, taking with him everything but the kitchen sink.

Chris Collette flew Olivia to Boston for a date, and also invited her to the final party for the cast of MAFS Season 14.

Chris Colette and Olvia Cornu
Olivia Cornu – MAFS Season 11

Olivia was reluctant to attend as she heard that Alyssa would be there and didn’t want any drama. No drama occurred and Alyssa even apologized to Chris for ripping him apart on the show. It was set up to look like the two might be dating, but the situation between Chris and Olivia went nowhere, and according to Lindsey the two slept in separate rooms. Lindsey also said that Chris only invited Olivia to make himself look good.

Chris Collette and Lindsey’s friend

This is where things got really crazy. After the show, Lindsey introduced Chris to a friend of hers who dated Chris for a while. In her Live, Lindsey shared a lot of very private details about Chris which she learned from her friend. Unfortunately we had to redact that information because there is no way to fact check it. It is also a huge violation of Chris’s privacy and while it makes a great read, it is not the type of thing that should be attached to Chris’s name in Google. Let’s just say that Lindsey revealed some very intimate details about her friend’s relationship with Chris without permission to do so. Lindsey has since done another Live where she explained that she regrets exposing those details. The friend who dated Chris has also come forward on Reddit to clear his name. She clarified that while the relationship was not perfect and at times ventured into a toxic space, Chris is only human and there is no reason for anyone to hate him.

Lindsey goes live again

In her second Live which she recorded and posted to her IG page, Lindsey explained that she moved thousands of miles away to get away from the drama and that she no longer wants to be involved with anything related to Married at First Sight. She also pointed the finger at Mark the Shark and said that she didn’t appreciate the digs he makes at her in his Cameos which is part of the reason she was triggered to go Live and spill information that was previously only known by a small handful of people.