keto and alcohol - can you drink on keto

Keto and alcohol. Is wine ok to drink on the keto diet?

The holidays are here and you want to look your best, but it is nearly impossible to stay away from those reds and whites with all of the excitement (and stress) of seeing all those family members. Good news, you don’t have to! If you are wondering if keto an alcohol can mix, the answer is yes, keto and alcohol can mix as long as you choose the right kind of drinks. 

Most people think alcohol will prevent you from losing weight because it contains sugar, but this is entirely false.

During the fermentation process sugars turn to ethanol: the scientific word for alcohol. Ethanol in itself contains zero sugars and therefore is very suitable for the keto diet which works by burning fat instead of sugar for energy. Some drinks like beer and and coolers still contain a high amount of carbs due to their additives, so you will have to do some research before letting loose.

Which drinks are keto friendly?

Corona, red wine and vodka soda are an excellent choice for those who do not want to restrict alcohol entirely from their diet. Red wine only contains 6g of carbs per glass and Corona only 3g per bottle. Party time! However, sweet wines, mixed drinks, and most beers have way too many carbs for the keto diet. An easy way to find out is to install an app like Carb Manager. It’s free for the basic version and very useful. Even with the app though, you might find yourself constantly guessing if your diet is actually working, so it’s important to track your progress.

Track results with keto test strips!

If you are doing the keto diet and not using the strips you are missing out. They are very cheap and simple to use and they take all the guesswork out of wondering if you are in ketosis or not. The picture on the right shows my results on Day 3 of keto. I was not consuming any alcohol in those three days because I was still afraid that it would ruin my results and I was in doubt that keto and alcohol could work together. As you can see the strip shows large ketones indicating that I am now burning fat as my primary fuel source.

Tick tock, it’s wine o’clock!

Keto test before alcohol consumption
Keto and alcohol
Day 3 – before any alcohol consumption

However as the weekend rolled around I decided.. what the hell, let’s see if this works. I had 3 glasses of red wine of Saturday and I was convinced that this would kick me out of ketosis. I also consumed a large salad with less than optimal veggies for ketosis like tomatoes and onions. But to my surprise, my body was still on track. Granted, the strip is much lighter, but as soon as I ate a breakfast heavy in fat it turned dark again.

Bring on the turkey and the mistletoe!

Keto test after alcohol
Keto and alcohol
Day 7 – after wine

So there you go, friends. You can absolutely mix keto and alcohol with great results, as long as you don’t overdo it. I lost 4 lbs in my first 2 weeks while still being able to enjoy a few drinks. I am so glad that I stopped reading Facebook comments about other people’s opinions and results and tried the keto test strips instead. Give it a chance and your body will tell you how it’s doing!

Have a great holiday season!

This information about keto and alcohol is meant for weight loss only. If you are struggling with addiction please take a look at our alcohol management page.