jose and rachel married at first sight

Jose from Married at First Sight – anger issues and little man complex

Jose San Miguel Jr has been married for about 5 minutes and has already managed to completely blow it. Jose shocked everyone on the “Locked Out” episode of MAFS Season 13, when he threw his wife Rachel out of their shared apartment and dead-bolted the door. He told the other cast mates about the incident like it was no big deal and with a few lies in the mix such as that he did this “by accident”. The entire cast was stunned and appalled at his behaviour. Ryan even pointed out that he has never accidentally put on his deadbolt.

Jose looking crazy on his wedding day

Let’s start at the beginning

Jose is tiny. Like really short and small. Some women may have been put off by that, but Rachel didn’t bat an eye when she saw him at the altar. She said her vows with the passion and commitment meant for a much taller man, and she actually stuck to those vows unlike Jose who promised to honor and protect her. Rachel has been very patient and understanding with Jose to date. Because aside from being extremely tiny, Jose has been acting straight up weird. From wanting to brush her teeth and feed her, to his OCD and banking charts, Jose has been putting fans off all season.

Jose and Rachel from Married at First Sight

“I have a great credit score! Does anyone want to know what it is? Ok, I’ll go first, 815! I am debt free. I am working on a Masters degree. I have sacrificed a lot to be where I am…”

Jose San Miguel Jr

Lack of basic social skills

Perhaps overcompensating for being so small his whole life took Jose’s focus off learning basic social skills. Aside from his desperate need for attention and approval from others, he comes across as demanding and controlling. He pretty much forbade Rachel from traveling as long as she is with him and aggressively educated her about how she should be managing her money. From the beginning, Rachel was quite uncomfortable about handing her paycheck over to Jose and pulling spending money from the account. She called it an “allowance”.

Jose from Married at First Sight

Not talking about their sex life

Dr. Viviana Coles

When questioned about their sex life by Dr. Viviana, Jose and Rachel giggled awkwardly and didn’t give much of an answer. Perhaps Rachel is dissatisfied with more than just his banking style. Shocking, considering that he led with how he would provide for his wife “sexually” in front of all family and friends at the wedding ceremony. The trend here seems that this guy doesn’t understand basic social cues and that’s pretty strange considering that he is so successful in other parts of his life (or so he tells us).

She called him by “another man’s” name

So why did he throw her out? Well, Rachel accidentally called him “Johnnie” which obviously challenged his own self importance. To say this is a red flag is an understatement. Locking your wife out of the apartment in the middle of the night is abusive and irrational, considering the reason was that Rachel accidentally called Jose “Johnnie” who is another cast member on the show. Rachel had a normal reaction to this nonsense which was to completely pull back and reevaluate the marriage. She said “I don’t love him anymore after this”.

Johnnie from Married at First Sight
The “other man”. Johnnie.

Run, Rachel, run!

The truth is not enough time has passed for there to be love there already and any new relationship would have a hard time surviving this. Jose had better start doing a lot of grovelling to undo this damage, but it seems that he already blew it with a great woman who readily accepted all of his flaws. Jose and Rachel did make up on the following episode, but only after Rachel explained how he should apologize and the type of apology that is suitable for this type of behaviour. Jose begrudgingly agreed.

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