Gil from Married at First Sight

Johnny and Myrla antagonize Gil on Reunion Part 2 of Married at First Sight

Last week, on Part 1 of the reunion, Myrla and Gil announced that they are no longer together. Myrla dumped Gil two weeks after decision day. Viewers watched Myrla cry happy tears and gush about her then husband: a match too good to be true according to her. Her decision to divorce two weeks later confused everyone, including her now ex-husband Gil. This week, a clip from decision day was played for Gil who hadn’t seen it before. Watching Myrla passionately describe his good qualities was clearly too much for Gil. He teared up and stayed visibly distraught for the remainder of the show.

Johnny and Myrla can’t stop flirting

In the next segment, the cast is all together. Johnny is strategically placed next to Myrla who is all smiles and giggles, while Gil is forced to observe their interaction… and what an interaction it was! Myrla was clearly being flirtatious and all but holding Johnny’s hand in front of not only Gil, but Bao, Johnny’s ex wife. Luckily Bao seemed to be completely over Johnny and wasn’t even paying attention.

Johnny and Myrla from Married at First Sight, Season 13
Michaela, Bao, Johnny and Myrla from Married at First Sight, Season 13

Myrla and Johnny reveal that since the show they have become BFF’s and have even traveled to Cancun together.

Let’s be honest, Johnny wasn’t a fan favorite. His interaction with his wife Bao often felt hostile and at times abusive. Throughout the show he continued to berate Bao for just being herself, accusing her of being fake and saying that he would rather have been matched with anyone else. Well, it turns out that he would rather have been matched with Myrla. So are these two actually seeing each other or just putting on a show? The intent behind their flirtation was just enough to make us suspect that, but according to the two, they are just very good friends.

Myrla and Johnny go to Cancun
Johnny and Myrla in Cancun. Or are they just standing all dressed up in front of a picture of Cancun? Weird.

Unlike Johnny, Myrla was a fan favorite

While viewers didn’t know what to make of her at first, eventually they attributed her cold and demanding attitude to a fierce drive and confidence. She also seemed warm and affectionate with Gil when not put on the spot, and has provided us with some hilarious moments like tripping over the door in heels and showing up drunk to interview with Dr. Pepper.

Myrla's drunk interview with Dr. Pepper
“Another day in happy town, need I say more?” – Myrla’s hilarious tipsy interview. Photo Credit: Lifetime

Myrla 2.0

But the Myrla we saw on Part 2 of the reunion was nothing short of ruthless. Aside from openly flirting with Johnny, she behaved as if she hardly knew Gil, who was watching her through tears from across the set. By the time the host asked who would have been a better match this season, Gil had finally had enough and stormed out. As he was leaving heartbroken and emotionally exhausted, Johnny waited until he was out of the room to snidely remark:

Johnny and Myrla flirt on Part 2 of the reunion of MAFS season 13
Johnny and Myrla’s body language says they are more than just friends. Photo Credit – Lifetime.

“I guess he didn’t like that question.”

Rachel, Jose and Gil from Season 13 of Married at First Sight

So what exactly happened here?

Could it be that Gil was a fan favorite and Johnny enjoyed taking him down off that throne? He showed way too much enjoyment while watching Gil’s suffering. Blushing divorcée Myrla also couldn’t have been more distant and cruel. The two really seemed to be enjoying Gil’s pain. Their behavior was provocative, antagonistic, and some might even say disgusting.

Johnny and Myrla
Photo Credit – Lifetime

Nothing more to contribute

Even Dr. Pepper called Myrla out for being duplicitous. She said that after having multiple conversations with Myrla, she got the vibe that Myrla had fallen for Gil just as much as he had fallen for her. Sadly, those comments fell on deaf ears and Myrla once again declared that Gil called her a princess one too many times and that they were entirely incompatible and without chemistry.

Gil and Myrla
Photo Credit – Lifetime

“No comment” was all Gil could say about this new friendship

It’s hard to even come up with a lesson to take away from all this, but perhaps Pastor Cal was right when he said that Myrla is afraid of success. She has certainly sabotaged this one, hurt someone who cared for her and damaged her own image. Some people sabotage their own happiness and we will just have to leave at that with this couple. For now Myrla can breathe easy, because there is a new villain in town.