Jibri Bell country song

Jibri releases a new country song and it’s a hit!

Jibri and Miona’s beautiful wedding ceremony took place in Joshua Tree and was officiated by Jibri’s grandmother Cheyne. Throughout the 90 Day journey, Cheyne has been very supportive of Jibri and Miona. Jibri’s mom on the other hand, refused to attend his wedding. The concerns she expressed were that Miona is controlling and that Jibri is making a mistake by rushing into marriage.

Is Jibri’s mom jealous of Miona?

While these are legitimate concerns, they didn’t seem important enough to miss the wedding of her only child. Also it is not entirely clear why Jibri’s mom felt that Jibri was rushing things. Mahala was aware that Miona was coming to the States on a K-1 visa to marry her son within 90 days. So why was she so surprised when he married her? Jibri spoke to his mom the night before the wedding and asked for the final time if he could buy her a plane ticket so that she could attend the wedding. “I can’t” said Mahala, and gave him her best wishes.

Jibri's mom doesn't attend his wedding
Jibri’s parents – Mahala and Brian
Courtesy – Discovery +

Throughout the show fans noticed that Jibri’s relationship with his mom is a bit odd. At times Mahala seemed to be manipulating him and interfering with his decision to marry Miona. Mahala also scolded Miona for dressing too sexy, especially in front of her husband Brian. That conversation didn’t go over well with fans because it felt like Jibri’s mom was in some weird competition with Miona.

Miona and Jibri’s wedding was simply beautiful!

The only wedding guest in attendance was Igor, Jibri and Miona’s close friend who brought their wedding arch all the way from LA. Initially Jibri made fun of the arch but it was actually perfect. Who knew that Miona has such impeccable taste! Miona’s wedding gown was elegant, her bridal bouquet was stunning and she looked absolutely gorgeous!

The 90 Day Fiancé Season 9 finale also featured Jibri’s new country song “1000 Miles”. The song was an instant hit with fans and a nice change from Space Punk, the style of music Jibri usually made with his band Black Serbs. Prior to “1000 Miles” Jibri’s most known single was Rat Race.

Jibri writes country song for Miona on their wedding day
Jibri and Miona’s Wedding Day
Courtesy – Jibri and Miona’s Instagram

The kids are growing up!

Perhaps Jibri realized that making this type of music was getting him nowhere and that he needed to change it up. Will Jibri become a country music star? Miona is also doing well. She has recently launched a website selling her signature ponytail hair extensions. The ponytails must be flying off the shelves because Miona bought Jibri a new motorcycle as a birthday gift which they featured on their Instagram music video.