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Fart jars and ripped pants: how cast members like Jibri Bell and Stephanie Matto are ruining 90 Day Fiancé

Our beloved 90 Day Fiancé is in Season 9, featuring Jibri and Miona, Kobe and Emily, Yve and Mohammed, Patrick and Thais and of course the never ending story of Biniyam and Ariela. The only employed cast members on this season are Yve – an acupuncturist, and Patrick who sells security systems door to door and somehow manages to afford a self-driving Tesla. The rest have yet to figure out what to do with their lives. 

Jibri sells a picture of pants

Of course fans know that cast members appear on the show for self promotion and monetary gain. But while they are free to run their Instagram accounts and side hustles as they see fit, some have taken it too far. 

After appearing on 3 episodes of 90 Day Fiancé Jibri Bell decided that his celebrity status warrants him to sell his own clothes and NFTs. Jibri claims to have sold a picture of ripped pants (his NFT) for over $10,000 USD and his actual ripped pants from episode 2 for over $28,000 USD.

What is an NFT?

An NFT is a digital asset that represents real-world objects like art, music, in-game items and videos that are predicted to rise in value over time. In other words, Jibri thinks a picture of pants in a frame will be worth a fortune one day.

Jibri Bell from 90 Day Fiance sells picture of pants
Jibri Bell sells his first “NFT”
Courtesy – Jibri’s Instagram

Don’t get it? Don’t worry, nobody does. Except maybe… Stephanie Matto.

Jibri has 36.2k followers on Instagram including some former cast members of the 90 Day Fiancé franchise. After bragging about the sale of his pants, he got a comment from none other than Stephanie Matto from 90 Day Fiancé: Before The 90 Days and 90 Day: The Single Life, Season 2.

Stephanie is best known for dating Erika from Australia for 3 weeks, lying to her conservative mom about being bisexual, showing off her breasts in ill-fitting spandex tops and discussing her unsuccessful love life in explicit detail. But Stephanie’s most recent “business venture” is selling farts in jars and boob sweat to disturbed people on the internet. Yes, you read that right. On the Tell All Stephanie claimed to have become a millionaire from selling farts on the internet.

Stephanie from 90 Day Fiance selling farts and sweat
Stephanie from 90 Day Fiancé
Courtesy – Stephanie’s Instagram

“I bet this guy is going to wear these pants and do some WEIRD ass shit in them. #thelessyouknow. joking. Love you guys! The 90 day world got so much weirder and hilarious when you two joined and I just want to thank you for that.”

Stephanie Matto, 90 Day Fiancé

Did the 90 Day world really get weirder and more hilarious?

Actually it got a lot more boring. Jibri and Miona’s entire storyline so far has just been about them living at Jibri’s parents’ house and not knowing how to cook or make money. On the show, Jibri is thinking about working on some songs with his former band “Black Serbs” while Miona dreams or starting a makeup line with no product, business background, or experience. 

Perhaps Jibri’s pant success was a threat and that’s why Stephanie decided to comment. Or maybe Stephanie’s interest is in staying relevant after her forgettable storyline about losing her celibacy interested no one.

Stephanie 90 Day Fiance selling farts
Stephanie Matto – 90 Day Fiancé
Courtesy – Stephanie’s Instagram

“I still can’t tell if your being sarcastic? You didn’t think I would sell my pants or the NFT!”

Jibri fired back at Stephanie.

Is Jibri lying about his sales?

Some of Jibri’s fans commented that Stephanie’s business is vile and disgusting while Jibri is a real artist and entrepreneur. But is he?

When Jibri’s fans asked him where he sold his pants NFT, he quoted the website Open Sea. But when you check out his transaction on Open Sea it seems pretty suspect. The NFT was bought by someone called CreativeInvest22. This member who calls himself a “crypto philanthropist” and “creative investor” made this account in May of 2022 and has never made another transaction. In other words crypto was sent from this account to Jibri’s account and that was the end of it. Did Jibri make a fake account and transfer crypto to himself?

Jibri only made one more transaction: he bought a fart jar from Stephanie! That’s right, the sale was made around the same time as the sale of the pants. Jibri paid $1.77 for the fart. Was Stephanie teaching him how to open an account on Open Sea and make a transaction, or did he really want one of her farts? If so, she gave him a killer discount off the $500 which she claims to sell them for.

Is Stephanie lying about how much she makes?

From the looks of things, yes. If she is using Open Sea to sell her fart jars, she has made zero sales. Her profile shows 753 items created and “no offers yet”. While this somewhat restores faith in humanity, it makes Stephanie Matto look pathetic. At 31 years old she is lying about profiting from fart jars. How sad.

What does Stephanie Matto actually do for a living?

Like many other former reality stars, Stephanie has an Only Fans account where she sells lewd images and other sexual content to the highest bidder. Actually it does not have to be the highest bidder, it can be anyone with $12/month. Her mom must be so proud.

Back to Jibri’s entrepreneurial ventures

After the “successful sale” of the ripped pants and NFT, Miona and Jibri have announced that they will be selling ALL of the clothes they wore on 90 Day Fiancé. You can shop their closet on Poshmark. Oddly enough, they have priced their gear at $25 – $50. If the pants really sold for $28,000 wouldn’t it make sense to set the price at something similar instead of Marshall’s clearance rack prices?

Jibri and Miona have also launched a Youtube channel. Watch the sale of the ripped pants and see if you believe it for yourself.

Jibri and Miona 90 day fiance selling their clothes

No more freeloaders!

While we can’t blame these “entrepreneurs” for trying, we can blame them for blatantly exploiting a once original and fun show without offering anything of value to the fans. Employment of any kind should be a condition to appear on 90 Day Fiancé, and cast members shouldn’t be free to use the show as a foundation for their social media. In the words of Patrick’s drunk brother… “no bueno!”