Jasmina and Michael MAFS

Jasmina and Michael, the greatest love story of Married at First Sight?

With the latest fights between Mark the Shark and Lindsey and Olajuwon and Katina drama, Jasmina and Michael have fallen under the radar. Could we be missing the greatest love story ever featured on MAFS?

Michael and Jasmina got off to a very rocky start. At first it wasn’t clear whether Jasmina was even attracted to Michael, although she did say that she likes his arms. Jasmina is taller than Michael and he is a bit unusual looking, not in a bad way, but just different. Both Michael and Jasmina are very serious, or at least they came off that way in the beginning. It wasn’t until Jasmina set up the home gym workout for Michael that we were able to see the playful side of them. That was also the day Michael started letting her in, by sharing the truth about repeated grief he has encountered in his life.

Jasmina and Michael Married at First Sight, season 14 Boston
Michael and Jasmina
Married at First Sight, Season 14 Boston
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Michael’s mistakes almost cost him his marriage

It’s possible that Michael was intimidated by a woman like Jasmina, so he tried to “manage” her instead of getting to know her. Perhaps, in his mind, he was showing his alpha side, but Jasmina was not interested in that kind of dominance. Michael made a couple of huge mistakes in the beginning. On the honeymoon he tried to force Jasmina to apologize to him for something he misinterpreted. He explained that he felt that she cut him off while he was speaking, except nobody saw that. Jasmina refused to apologize for something she didn’t do, especially when Michael was being so demanding about the type of apology he required. Michael got an “I am sorry you feel that way” and Jasmina pulled way back after that. She was put off and rightfully so.

Then Michael told a lie about living with female roommates. He specifically told her that he has never lived with a woman while currently living with two female roommates. Jasmina thought this was bizarre, especially she too has a roomate of the opposite sex and doesn’t see anything wrong with it.

The pivotal point for Michael and Jasmina

After Pastor Cal met with the couple and asked Jasmina to tell Michael that she is not his enemy when he is raising his voice, they began to connect more. They took a yoga class together which began healing their disconnect. It was the first time we heard Jasmina say that she would be interested in being physical with her husband.

Jasmina and Michael still together Married at First Sight season 14 Boston
Jasmina and Michael
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Michael and Jasmina’s one month anniversary

Jasmina and Michael's one month anniversary, MAFS Boston
Jasmina and Michael’s One Month Anniversary
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Michael’s vows were everything!

“Thirty days ago we met as strangers. Marriage for us has been a roller-coaster. A very fast, very scary, very uncomfortable rollercoaster but the beauty of it is that neither of us has gotten off. We are still on this ride together. I promise to give you my 110% every day. I promise to talk with you and not at you, but most importantly I vow to treat each day like decision day.”

Michael Morency, MAFS Season 14

On their one month anniversary Michael pulled out the works. He prepared a surprise breakfast and suggested that they rewrite their wedding vows now that they know each other. They decided to read them to one another at their wedding location. A dinner and a dance may have rekindled something that was lost along the way.

Both Jasmina and Michaels are guarded, cautious and reserved. But we have seen some glimmers of raw emotion from them both. Michael described their initial experience as a dance neither of them knew the steps to. But as time went on they started learning how to read one another and made adjustments to make the other comfortable.

Jasmina and Michael dancing, anniversary Married at First Sight
Michael and Jasmina, Season 14 MAFS
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Michael is falling for Jasmina

Michael hasn’t held back when describing Jasmina as beautiful, and someone who commands a room: a quality he finds really attractive. After the one month anniversary Michael confessed that he is falling for Jasmina. Some viewers are still not feeling her because at times she comes across as cold with her “NOW MICHAEL”, but those who are paying attention have seen glimpses of her heart.

Michael and Jasmina MAFS
Michael and Jasmina goofing off in bed
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Is Jasmina actually a big softy?

Jasmina is the only bride who cried on her wedding day, she is super sweet with her dog, Pumi breed Mr. Feeny, a (is his name a “Boy Meets World” reference?) and she genuinely seems to care for those around her. Granted she’s been saying that she’s not sure how she feels about Michael, but it’s possible that MAFS is over-emphasizing these statements for dramatic effect. Jasmina’s body language, comfortable and flirtatious, says otherwise.

Jasmina and Michael still together MAFS
Jasmina and Michaels’s Wedding Day
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They are planning a life together with long term goals

Actions speak louder than words and mid season, Michael is teaching Jasmina to drive. Would he do that if they weren’t planning a life together after the show? They are also so comfortable with one another, goofing off in bed, playing scrabble and coaching Katina and Olajuwon as a team.

Olajuwon MAFS abusive to Katina
Jasmina and Michael with Katina
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Poor Katina is still getting a raw deal

After the dating app fiasco Katina is continuing to hang in there, but is looking more and more broken down with each episode. Katina would have been better off with someone like Gil from last season: a handsome firefighter with class and a positive attitude instead of an abusive man child with a plethora of former sexual partners. Actually Gil would have also done better with someone more laid back than Myrla, who judged his worth by his bank account.

Katina deserves better
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Olaju – lost

Whatever popularity Olajuwon had is plummeting fast. After his efforts to domesticate Katina, it’s become harder and harder to see what he’s bringing to the table. In some of the recent footage he’s sporting a new grotesque, indistinguishable neck tattoo and appears high during his conversation with Michael. For someone who judges people for having more than one drink, it’s not a good look.

Olajuwon neck tattoo MAFS
Olajuwon’s new tattoo
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Team Morency for the win!

But while Katina and Olajuwon are likely doomed, Michael and Jasmina are just beginning to explore their potential. Life is strange, full of surprises, and love is sometimes irrational and crazy. For two people who are very guarded and not used to being vulnerable, this can feel uncomfortable and scary. But after such a miserable beginning Michael and Jasmina found their way back to one another. They are taking it slow, but they haven’t given up. There is a type of depth between these two that doesn’t translate well on screen and it is a good match overall. These two have all the ingredients required for a long lasting and successful marriage. Let’s see if they can make it work!