Is Luke from Married at First Sight gay

Is Luke from MAFS gay? When he is REALLY just not that into you

Luke Cuccurullo and Kate Sisk appeared on Season 8 of Married at First Sight. Their marriage was one of the biggest disasters on the show. Kate was attracted to Luke but he was just really really REALLY not into her. Luke acted very strange throughout the season, by being hot and cold towards Kate: at times he would be attentive and other days he would take off and leave her alone. The fact that he was not attracted to her did not stop him from sleeping with her several times, after which he would lock himself in a room for 2 hours and cry, followed by telling Kate that having sex with her made him feel dead inside.

Luke and Kate from Married at First Sight – Season 8

Gaslighting and accusations

Kate says MAFS Luke is gay

Poor Kate tried to keep this as secret at the request of Luke, but finally confessed about his behaviour to Dr. Pepper. Long story short: Luke became enraged at Kate for revealing this information on the show, and she managed to accuse him of being gay based on an old Facebook status which he said was a joke. Additionally Luke gaslit Kate by saying she drinks too much, then retracting his statements when confronted about it. Kate was never drunk on the show unlike some other cast members, so it would appear that Luke was trying to slander Kate for no reason.

So is Luke really gay or was he just that put off by Kate?

Many viewers did not understand Luke’s deal, why he mistreated Kate, and wondered if he is in fact, gay. Kate is a very cute girl, but according to Luke she was not his type at all. Luke told the producers that he is into exotic looking women and that his ex was black and Italian. Lo and behold his new girlfriend, Sammi Damianna Di Giacinto is black and Italian. Sammy is a gorgeous, tall, bi-racial woman, a huge supporter of the BLM movement and “shocker”, looks nothing like Kate. When asked how he met Sammy, Luke said that he has known her for a long time.

Could the new girlfriend be the old girlfriend?

Luke with Amber Bowles from Married at First Sight

Because of this, some fans have speculated that the ex and the new girlfriend are the same person. Perhaps Luke and Sammy were on a break, which is why he didn’t want to air out his awkward sexcapades with Kate on TV? Other fans think he went on Married at First Sight just to promote his business or that his pics on Instagram with Sammy are just for show. Oddly Sammy has not posted any pictures of Luke on her IG. In this post they appear with Amber Bowles (who also got a raw deal on the show) and Amber’s twin sister.

Pole dancing and pup

Luke is definitely a weird guy, but unless you find matching hair selfies with his little dog and videos of himself pole dancing (yep he did that) as evidence of him being gay, there is nothing else to support this. Judging from his Instagram, Luke is all business: focusing on his photography business, promoting brands, and keeping the rest private.

MAFS Luke pole dancing

So what about Kate?

Understandably Kate Sisk was more than displeased with her experience on Married at First Sight. She has accused the show of legally forcing her to stay on the show. Kate revealed that as a result of breaching her contract, she would have owed the show $100,000. Kate has also accused MAFS of purposely matching bad couples and profiting off their pain.

Otherwise, Kate is doing well. Since the show, she has launched her own lingerie business – Hidden Intimates, and runs a travel blog. Kate Sisk is also singing and is proudly sporting her new weight loss.

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