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Is Jibri’s mom manipulating him?

At the beginning of Season 9, Jibri Bell introduced his mom, Mahala Bach, as a “kick ass biracial superhero therapist” who always has his back. Jibri’s mom triggered the curiosity of many viewers who wondered about her ethnicity due to her unusual look. Jibri’s mom is quite fair skinned with freckles: a drastic contrast with her braids. Fans also noticed that she is quite young, especially compared to her husband Brian, who has been raising Jibri as his own from the age of 6. While Jibri’s stepfather’s age is unknown, he appears to be much older than Mahala.

Upon Miona’s arrival to the United States, Jibri’s parents shared their concerns about the couple’s relationship and future. Jibri and Miona both have big dreams of striking it rich and living a lavish lifestyle. Unfortunately neither partner seems to have any practical life skills. Miona can’t cook a meal and Jibri can’t start a lawnmower. The couple is currently living with his parents because Jibri hasn’t made any money, and Miona doesn’t have a work visa. While these concerns are legitimate, Jibri’s mom had an issue with something else, and the way she went about addressing it was rather despicable. 

Jibri’s mom shames Miona for wearing revealing clothes

Instead of focusing on helping Miona settle in and get comfortable in her home, Jibri’s mom took issue with Miona’s clothes. As a therapist you would think that Mahala has learned how to address sensitive issues with tact and maturity. Not so. Mahala invited Miona to the laundry room under the pretense of helping her figure out how to use an American washing machine. As Miona began to unpack her laundry, Jibri’s mom took it upon herself to lecture her about the way she dresses. She specifically said that people in South Dakota don’t dress the way Miona does and asked her to cover up, especially around her husband.

Jibri's mom shames Miona on 90 Day Fiance
“This is a shirt. It goes like this.”
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Is Jibri’s mom threatened by Miona?

Miona was visibly uncomfortable as anyone would be in a situation where their future mother in law tells them not to dress like a street walker. Out of respect, Miona said that she would comply with the requests of Jibri’s mom although she wasn’t happy about it. Later that day, Jibri expressed his discontent with his mother and asked her to back off. He said that she is making Miona uncomfortable and that she needs to stop treating him like he is 13. He continued to explain that he is already quite stressed with the wedding coming up and the fact that Miona doesn’t want to live in South Dakota.

Is Jibri's mom black?
Jibri’s Mom
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Jibri’s mom makes Miona look like the bad guy

Instead of taking any accountability for offending Miona and apologizing, Jibri’s mom skillfully changed to the subject. After dismissing the laundry incident as a “misunderstanding”, she asked Jibri if Miona always puts so much pressure on him. She went on to say that Miona should be taking on responsibility and not expecting everyone to do everything for her because she is pretty and “shows her breasts”. Jibri was rightfully mortified by his mom’s comments. After all, Miona hasn’t even been there a week and is already under attack, and so far she has been more patient, mature and respectful than Jibri’s mom. Considering the circumstances Miona could have channeled Natalie: 

“Why your mom call me hooker? She thinks I am a hooker?”

Natalie Mordovtseva, Season 7, 90 Day Fiancé

Instead, Miona settled for a passive but firm: “I would hope that people don’t judge others for how they dress in the 21st century”.

That should have been the end of it, but after her conversation with Jibri, his mom also accused Miona of being a fake person, because she didn’t freely express her true feelings about the conversation. This is entirely untrue. Miona expressed her feelings quite clearly while still being polite to his mother. Mahala added that her concern is only for her son, because she wants him to have a good partner.

So it would appear that Jibri’s mom was setting up Miona to fail no matter what she said in that situation. There isn’t a single person who wouldn’t take offence to what she said and of course Jibri’s mom knew this and did it anyway in order to start a controversy. If she was really that concerned about her son’s happiness, she would have taken on a maternal role with Miona instead of a competitive one.

Is Jibri’s mom really a therapist?

Because of Mahala’s behavior and lack of boundaries, fans began to wonder if Jibri’s mom is even a therapist. Well, the truth is that Mahala is indeed a therapist. According to her bio, Mahala graduated from Oglala Lakota College in 2006 with a Bachelors of Science Degree in Human Services and Counseling. In 2011, she graduated with honors from South Dakota State University with a Masters of Science Degree in Counseling. Mahala currently runs her own therapy practice in Rapid City, SD specializing in trauma, anxiety, depression and more.

Jibri and Jibri's mom Instagram
Jibri and his mom
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Did Jibri’s stepfather rescue them from a tough life which enabled Mahala to get a university education later in life?

If you thought that Jibri’s mom looked young, you were right. Mahala is in fact only 46 years old. She would have been a very young mom to Jibri who is 29. It’s possible that she struggled as a single parent before meeting her husband around the age of 23 (same as Miona). The timeline would suggest so as Mahala would have been around 30 years old when she got her Bachelor’s and 35 at the time that she got her Master’s. Perhaps this is why she feels threatened by a much younger and more attractive woman coming into her home.

Jibri and Miona Instagram
Jibri and Miona
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A career risk not worth taking

Jibri’s mom sees Miona as competition instead of a daughter and that’s a big problem for the future of her son’s marriage. Let’s hope that mistreating her future daughter in law and manipulating her son on TV doesn’t hurt Mahala’s therapy practice. As a professional, Mahala has a lot to lose because she doesn’t like Miona’s little shirts. Of course Miona is holding her own. In a recent Instagram pic where she is straddling Jibri in a bikini, Miona wrote:

“I hope Jibri’s mom approves.”

Miona Bell, 90 Day Fiancé, Season 9