Kate and Luke from Married at First Sight

Married at First Sight couples that made no sense

Once in a while the experts on Married at First Sight get it right and find the perfect match, but sometimes the matches are so bizarre and incomprehensible that we had to make a list. Here is a list most confusing matches on Married at First Sight according to Bubbleheaded.

Molly and Jonathan… and Dr. Jessica – Married at First Sight, Season 6

Molly and Jonathan from Married at First Sight

The heebie jeebies

Let’s start with this really weird one, as Molly was not attracted to Jonathan right off the bat despite his good looks. She actually appeared to HATE Jonathan with a passion unparalleled between two strangers. They get into seemingly random fights and Molly rejected Jonathan’s affections by saying things like “you make my skin crawl when you touch me”. At one point Jonathan secretly records her being verbally abusive towards him and calling him a “piece of sh*t” as well as saying that he is disgusting and that he repulses her.

Dr. Jessica Griffin from Married at First Sight

Trust me, I am a doctor

Oddly, Jonathan was one of the better looking guys ever to appear on Married at First Sight as proven by Dr. Jessica Griffin…… who snatched him up for herself! Expert Dr. Jessica disappeared off the show shortly after this scenario. A serious WTF moment indeed.

Mia and Tristan – Married at First Sight, Season 7

Mia and Tristan from Married at First Sight Season 7

Been a stalker been a thief…

Mia and Tristan seemed attracted to one another instantly, but things got weird quickly. Mia was detained at the airport on the way to the honeymoon destination and held in custody for allegedly stalking her ex and credit card fraud. As the show progressed, there were few questions answered and the show proceeded to focus on the couple moving 2 hours away from Dallas to Houston – an issue that seemed relatively unimportant compared to the giant elephant in the room: Mia’s criminal charges.

The man’s got a type

There were many unanswered questions, and the whole relationship seemed odd, choppy and disconnected, likely due to the fact that a lot wasn’t aired due to the sensitive nature of the subject. Tristan and Mia decided to stay together on decision day, but separated shortly after.

While Mia is keeping her life relatively private, Tristan remarried in 2020 to his new wife Rachel (who oddly looks a lot like Mia) and welcomed a baby boy.

Tristan and Rachel

Kate and Luke – Married at First Sight, Season 8

Luke and Kate from MAFS - is Luke gay?

Let’s get one thing straight, I’m not

Upon meeting Kate, Luke claimed to have met her in the past, but viewers did not get to learn much more. The history was overshadowed by Luke clearly not being attracted to the curvier Kate, and playing games that left everyone scratching their heads. Kate eventually confessed to doctor Pepper that she and Luke had been having sex, after which Luke would lock himself in a room and cry and say that it left him feeling “dead inside”. In the scene where Kate decides to confess to Luke that she has been talking to Dr. Pepper about their sex life, she seems visibly stressed and anxious, rightfully so, as Luke flipped out and proceeded to accuse Kate of breaking his trust. Luke also disappeared on their one month anniversary and repeatedly accused Kate of drinking too much wine. In the end, Kate decided she’d had enough and asked for a divorce.

When he is REALLY just not that into you

Kate speculated that not only was Luke not into her, but that he was not into women in general, as he appeared to have an attraction to other men. She revealed that Luke’s Facebook status was set to being in a same-sex relationship. When questioned, Luke laughed it off as “a joke”, but nobody was buying it, and the whole thing was cringey and awkward. Kate would later accuse Married at First Sight of forcing her to stay in an unhealthy situation for the fear of breaking her contract.

Clara and Ryan – Married at First Sight, Season 12

More donuts less talking please

Married at First Sight’s first interracial couple, Ryan and Clara, seemed to have a lot of potential in the beginning. They seemed to be very comfortable and accepting of one another. However, the disconnect arose quickly as their completely different lifestyles and habits became apparent, with Ryan’s strict workout routines and early bedtime and Clara’s love for carbs and sugar and partying into the night. Ryan’s theories of enlightenment fell on deaf ears with Clara who seemed to find them utterly useless. At one point she even called their conversation about life’s passions and goals a “seminar with free donuts”.

Third base marathon

Viewers witnessed Clara venting to the other girls about “getting him off” every night without completing the act and being very sexually frustrated. Apparently Ryan was not interested in completing the act until he was in love, and Clara found this absurd because according to her beliefs “sex is meaningless and it is just sex”. The whole thing seemed utterly ridiculous with Ryan maintaining a poker face and practicing gentlemanly class, while Clara complained about never getting laid in every interview.

That stache …

On decision day, Clara and Ryan declared their love for one another and chose to stay married. They would not answer any sex questions because Ryan asked her not to talk about it. Instead they announced that they would be renewing their vows! However, Ryan and Clara suddenly decided to divorce after the finale aired, which is the only thing that finally made sense about this relationship. Their final WTF moment in was Ryan’s “home base – repellent” hipster mustache which he proudly sported at the finale.

Henry and Christina – Married at First Sight, Season 11

The text from no one

Perhaps because of Covid, this season was a total flop. Aside from Woody’s fancy outfits and Amelia’s armpit hair there wasn’t much to see. Henry hardly got any airtime while speaking, and appeared to have zero connection with Christina. He came across as an average and reserved person and aside from having a female friend, we didn’t get to learn much about him. But somehow Christina found enough time to accuse Henry of being gay, struggle with her insecurities, yell, cry a lot, and apologize all in one breath. She claimed to have received a text from an anonymous stranger who allegedly exposed Henry’s affairs with men. Stone-faced Henry remained stoic throughout the show but finally lost his cool and exposed Christina’s lies. The whole thing was very confusing as we didn’t see much of a relationship between these two, aside from some awkward conversations and fights that made no sense such as Henry saying that he doesn’t know why he is doing this and Kristina yelling back “why ARE you doing this?!”

What happened to Christina?

We will consider this couple a write off along with this horrible season. Even Woody mentioned that Henry got a bad edit with the viewers not getting a sense for his personality. An update on Christina: she has now moved to Mexico and lost a ton of weight. Some people say she looks like a completely different person. Henry probably wishes she was.

Meka and Michael – Married at First Sight, Season 10

Meka and Michael from Season 10

Liar, liar

Meka and Michael appeared to be a good match physically but things went downhill quickly. Meka appeared to be a very serious person who came on the show looking for a life partner. Meka is also very intelligent, and it didn’t take her long to start catching red flags about Michael who was telling her lie after lie for no apparent reason. At first, he demanded that Meka put out on the honeymoon. When Meka became offended and called him out, he denied saying that. Meka then caught him in a series of lies about his employment, salary, and more. We didn’t really get to see much more and there was never a resolution or an apology for poor Meka who was matched with a compulsive liar with nothing to offer her. She became increasingly frustrated when speaking to the camera crew. There was no light shed on this match by the experts.

Olivia and Brett – Married at First Sight, Season 11

Brett and Olivia from Married at First Sight - season 11

We like cats

In another nonsensical match on Season 11, we met Brett and Olivia. Olivia likes cats. Brett likes cats and… himself. He seemed not to know what to do with himself at all on camera, so he hit on Henry’s friend at the bachelor party, gave himself many compliments, and accused Olivia of spending too much of her own money. The “relationship” between Olivia and Brett ended abruptly when the film crew cleared out due to the pandemic. Brett followed suit by packing up everything AND the kitchen sink and hanging Olivia out to dry. Olivia appeared at the finale alone and we never saw Brett again. The New Orleans season had to be this bad because of Covid, or not enough people applying to be on the show. Either way, it cost them viewers and Married at First Sight had to rebuild their ratings by making this next match…

Paige and Chris – Married at First Sight, Season 12

The shallow narcissist and the devoted wife

Not many people were treated as poorly on television as Paige Banks from Season 12. Paige, a successful corporate accountant, was thrown to the wolves (aka Chris Williams the II) by Married at First Sight, in an effort to restore viewers after the flopped Season 11. There is no chance producers didn’t know that Chris was a loose cannon. What they didn’t count on was Paige staying time and time again after Williams put her through the ringer.

Pastor Cal predicted it, but it didn’t matter

Pastor Cal voices his concerns about Chris and predicts that Paige will not meet his standards of beauty. So off the bat we know that he asked for someone who looks different from Paige. Chris fulfills the prophecy by not being attracted to Paige on the wedding day. He tells her friends that she is not a trophy wife. Chris and Paige proceed to sleep together on the first night (twice), after which Chris leaves the hotel room and gets his own room. After Paige finds him, he confesses that he is not attracted to her.

Paige decides to stay because she took vows

As if she wasn’t humiliated enough, Chris reveals that he got his ex pregnant 6 weeks ago, and is thinking about getting back together with her because he still loves her. Paige stays, and says that she wouldn’t mind being a “bonus parent”. Chris proceeds to bring his ex on camera in an effort to flaunt the type of woman he usually goes for, to show up Paige, and to get attention from the two women. The conversation goes nowhere although Paige reveals that they had been having unprotected sex and she was also at risk of being pregnant. Chris proceeds to buy his ex an expensive car and dangle the news in front of Paige.

“I was robbed of a whole experience”

In the end the ex ends up losing the baby which fills Paige with hope that she and Chris can finally have a healthy marriage that she signed up for. Chris continues to suck her in and push her away. Viewers watch as Paige struggles with her self-esteem and inability to make a decision. Page accuses the show of robbing her of a “whole experience”. Yep, that’s putting it lightly. Not only did they exploit her, they wasted her time and made a mockery of her marriage by setting her up with Chris. How any woman (let alone two) could find him desirable is truly incomprehensible. If you need more convincing, check out Chris’s Instagram – it’s repulsive, unfunny and full of bragging: a true representation of himself. He even makes fun of Season 12 in a post, calling it a train wreck. Clearly he feels bad for none of what happened, but let’s hope the show does.

So there you go: the WTF were they thinking couples of Married at First Sight. Do you agree with our picks? Next – is Virginia from Married at First Sight an Alcoholic?