who stays together on married at first sight season 14

Reunion update: Which couples stayed together from MAFS Season 14?

Hallelujah, Season 14 of Married at First Sight is finally over! If the Boston season achieved anything, it is making every cast member look bad. Olajuwon looked like an abuser, Katina a helpless victim who couldn’t stop pleasing him, Lindsey was drunk and crude, Mark the Shark couldn’t get his life together, Michael couldn’t get out of the friend zone with Jasmina and Steve looked like an unemployed bum with no ambition.

Alyssa Ellman, however, was a new kind of terrible. Alyssa rejected her husband, Chris Colette, before ever having a conversation with him and was on the phone with her lawyer shortly after the wedding to try and annul the marriage. Alyssa refused to sit anywhere near Chris because she was so repulsed by him. She also refused to share a room with Chris, participate in any activities with him, and repeatedly called him “aggressive”. Her behavior was so bizarre that viewers began to question if Alyssa is mentally ill. Alyssa never adequately explained why she hated Chris so much, so it all appeared to come down to looks. Alyssa felt that she deserved way better than Chris in the looks department and expressed that repeatedly. Despite treating Chris like a piece of garbage on national TV, Alyssa maintained that she was just “a good person” who was put in a terrible situation.

MAFS alyssa no make up
MAFS Alyssa without makeup. According to Alyssa she is a “good person” who was “done dirty”.

Where were the experts?

The “experts” appeared for about 5 minutes this season, and seemed to be doing nothing at all. Dr. Pepper and Pastor Cal barely kept up with the couples and Dr. Viviana vanished altogether. The recycled problems, filler episodes and the couple get togethers where everyone endlessly discussed how “they are doing” were torture. So, did anyone stay together? Oddly yes, everyone except Alyssa and Chris said “yes” on decision day. But how about after the show ended?

Are Katina and Olajuwon still together?

Reunion update: Yes, Olajuwon and Katina stayed together. According to Katina, Olajuwon has backed off from requiring a 5-star home-cooked meal every night and has accepted that Katina has a job too. Olajuwon officially proposed to Katina during the reunion and they finally said “I love you”.

“Katina wants to travel, become a mom and finish school. But if she is doing all of those things, how can I be sure that she is going to make me happy every single day?”

Olajuwon Dickerson, Married at First Sight Season 14, Boston

Olajuwon was one of the worst husbands ever to appear on Married at First Sight. After meeting Olajuwon, Katina went from being a confident and easy going person who is comfortable in her skin, to Olajuwon’s emotional punching bag. It was very sad to watch Katina try to conform to Olajuwon’s expectations. According to Olajuwon, Katina couldn’t do anything right including cooking, cleaning, and shopping. Katina also had two years of school left which didn’t align with his plans to “travel the world” and have children. According to Olajuwon, Katina had no life experience and he didn’t have time to teach her all that.

Olajuwon wife carafe
Olajuwon Dickerson
Photo Credit – Lifetime

Katina looked drained and Olajuwon didn’t care

Olajuwon was so experienced and refined (insert eye roll). He drank wine from a carafe, wore dirty underwear on his wedding night and couldn’t remember words like “gondola” and “alpaca”. At times it even looked like he struggled to remember Katina’s name. Olajuwon flipped back and forth between telling her that he loves their marriage and warning her that he is going to be “selfish” on decision day. Katina was in a constant state of sadness and confusion, not knowing if this man even likes her, let alone loves her. Did Olajuwon really change or did he just clean up his game after seeing fan feedback? Good luck, Katina, you can do better.

Olajuwon abusive to Katina
Katina after Married at First Sight
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Do Lindsey and Mark the Shark stay together?

Reunion update: NO. Mark and Lindsey are not together. Lindsey felt like she did a lot for Mark and Mark actually felt threatened by Lindsey… as in afraid. After the show he couldn’t wait to change the locks. Lindsey felt that Mark was too influenced by the opinions of others and couldn’t be his own man. Mark felt that Lindsey was too negative, and that there were too many arguments for the marriage to grow. It was obvious that this marriage was not going to work out, so it was a surprise that this former couple chose to say “yes” on decision day. Lindsey has since moved to Palo Alto, California, to be away from her family and “date people with intellect”.

“Mark has such a hard time talking about the future and I need a 5 and 10 year plan from you, buddy. He is so eager to live moment by moment.”

Lindsey Georgoulis, Married at First Sight, Season 14 Boston

During the show Lindsey also exposed every last secret about Mark the Shark. Thanks to Lindsey we now know everything about his toilet habits, his sperm consistency, the size of his testicles (small), his selfish love making, his food intolerances, his job loss, his former salary, his bed bug infested apartment, and his issues with his mentally ill mother. Lindsey, although helpful in hard times, kept a score of all of the nice things she did for Mark and threw it all in his face at the end. In other words, Lindsey concluded that no matter how hard she tried, she couldn’t save Mark from being a worthless loser. Good luck, Lindsey, and please work on your self awareness.

Lindsey Georgoulis Married at First Sight Season 14, Boston
Lindsey Georgolis
Photo Credit – Lifetime

Do Steve and Noi stay together?

Reunion Update: Steve and Noi stayed married and Steve re-proposed with a new ring. However, Steve and Noi broke up in July of 2022. Steve posted a cordial break up announcement on Instagram, followed by a snarky response from Noi who accused him of filing zero dollars on his tax return and not caring about her dog Sushi who is terminally ill. Season 12’s Erik Lake also chimed in saying that he was sorry to hear about the break up and knows how difficult that is in the public eye. Erik was married to Virginia Coombs who dragged him through the mud repeatedly on her social media long after their divorce was finalized.

“You are so wonderful at comforting me and holding me when I am upset… and I know that I am safe with you. So thank you for doing that.”

Noi Phommasak, Married at First Sight Season 14, Boston

This endless dry storyline had fans yawning and fast forwarding. Steve didn’t want to work a 9-5 despite Noi wanting him to work a 9-5 so she can feel secure. Noi also claimed to love Steve, but didn’t want to live with him after the show ended. Noi admitted that she has no idea what Steve does, what his skill set is and how he can use it to make money. Steve was also very wishy-washy about his future plans. At the reunion, Steve explained that he had some solid investments and feels financially secure.

Noi and Steve, Married at First Sight, Boston
Steve and Noi
Photo Credit – Lifetime

Do Michael and Jasmina stay together?

Reunion update: NO. Michael and Jasmina do not stay married. Sadly, although these two seemed like a great match, Michael failed to sweep Jasmina off her feet. The two said “yes” on decision day only to divorce shortly after.

“I can’t romance someone who doesn’t want to be romanced.”

Michael Morency, Married at First Sight Season 14, Boston

Michael just couldn’t get out of the friend zone with Jasmina. Around the one month anniversary Jasmina and Michael looked like they were making headway. They seemed to have the closest bond out of all the couples, but according to Jasmina, this just didn’t translate into romance for her. Jasmina and Michael were very private and calculated with the way they discussed their relationship. They got into serious “camera mode” when they reflected and was hard to get a read on how they really felt.

Are Michael and Jasmina still together
Jasmina and Michael
Photo Credit – Lifetime

Who stays together on MAFS Season 14, Boston?

Nobody. Olajuwon and Katina were the only couple who stayed together after the reunion. However, after one year of marriage, on November 11 2022, they released a mutual post announcing their separation on Instagram. Season 13 was also an epic fail with zero matches, and Vincent and Brianna were the only couple to make it from Season 12. Brianna and Vincent are currently expecting a baby girl.