bilal and shaheeda 90 day fiance

Bilal’s prank on Shaheeda goes terribly wrong – 90 Day Fiancé, Season 9

Bilal Jabari Hazziez, father of two from Kansas City anxiously awaited his bride Shaheeda’s arrival from Trinidad and Tobago, when he had a brilliant idea to test her loyalty. Bilal decided to pick her up in a dirty panel van which he does not own and take her to a rundown tiny house which according to him is his childhood home.

What could go wrong?

According to Bilal, he is a successful realtor of 10+ years. He has a flashy Instagram full of pictures of himself in designer suits, fancy watches, belts and sunglasses. In his photos he is often on vacation in exotic locations. His website states: “With our Private Client Network, a premier connection to 50 luxury real estate markets, we have a a nationwide influence that features 2,000 transactions and $3+ Billion Residential Sales in 2020”. According to Bilal and Shaheeda, Shaheeda has never seen a picture of his home or his car.

Bilal 90 day fiance
Bilal – 90 Day Fiancé
Photo Credit – Bilal’s Instagram

The big hoax

Shaheeda arrived exhausted after a long flight. We don’t know how long the flight was but the estimate is about 20+ hours as there are no direct flights between Trinidad and Tobego and Kansas City Missouri, so chances are there were multiple airport transfers. Shaheeda was obviously surprised by the van, especially since the van was dirty and full of garbage. She thought the car she was getting into was a Chevy Malibu parked next to the van. Bilal drove her to his childhood home which he upgraded with a few pictures and a new bedspread. Aside from the decor the house is in terrible condition and badly in need of renovations. Unsurprisingly she was not impressed.

The first meal in America

Bilal continued to badger and poke at the tired and hungry Shaheeda saying that he doesn’t like her complaining and that she should be grateful for what she has. He finally ordered the saddest looking meal from Uber Eats which Shaheeda barely touched. Let’s unpack this. First of all if this is a joke, no one is laughing. Perhaps Shaheeda was expecting a better greeting, with flowers and a nice meal. For example Mike, who lived in a modest home, still surprised Natalie with a nice hotel stay in Seattle and a beautiful dinner.  Bilal shoved Shaheeda into a dirty van and took her to some dump where according to him, no one has lived in 15 years.

Bilal and Shaheeda, 90 Day Fiancé
What is this? Chicken strips, spaghetti and overcooked green beans? Photo credit – Discovery +

Is Bilal channeling Prince Akeem Joffer, ruler of Zamunda?

“I must warn you. My house is very very poor.”

In an attempt to make her look like a gold-digger on TV he continued on with this “joke” even after realizing how unhappy and tired Shaheeda was. According to Bilal, he was testing her loyalty to see if she would love him even if he was poor. Instead, he made himself look like an inauthentic fraud who is exploiting his fiancee’s reaction to a very uncomfortable situation.

Bilal 90 Day Fiancé gaslighting
Eddie Murphy – Coming to America

Shaheeda’s reaction was accurate

Aside from being shocked by the state of the house, Shaheeda was probably questioning who this guy is that she agreed to marry. Her reaction was actually quite relatable. Perhaps others wouldn’t have been as vocal, but finding out that your future husband is living in a broken shoebox while wearing thousand dollar suits would make anyone raise an eyebrow. Furthermore, saying things like “you know most people don’t even own a home, right” is equivalent to calling Shaheeda ignorant and spoiled. That is something you would say to an inexperienced unruly teenager, not your future  wife.

Some more stuff that doesn’t add up

Why does Bilal have access to his childhood home where no one has lived for 15 years? Who is paying the taxes and why isn’t it being renovated and rented out or sold? You would think that this successful realtor would be on top of that. Is this even his childhood home? It would have been nice to see some old pictures of him and his family living there. Also, a quick internet search reveals that Bilal has only sold some very modest properties and has no current listings. It’s a far stretch from “2,000 transactions and $3+ Billion Residential Sales”. This story is starting to feel as fake as Jibri and Miona’s. Bilal should say his prayers now, because it doesn’t look like he will recover from this mistake.

Speaking of Miona and Jibri…

The previews for the next episode make Miona look like a completely different person. Without make-up she actually looks Serbian, not black, which has solidified everyone’s suspicions that she was in fact blackfishing with her ultra dark spray tan. Jibri is also wearing costumes and entertaining fans with leaving his window open at the car wash and ripping his pants (and still wearing them to the airport). It turns out that Jibri’s best friend David doesn’t care for Miona and sees her as an obstacle to the success of their band.

Miona is not black. Miona is white. 90 Day Fiancé
Miona Bell
Photo Credit – Discovery +

So yeah…

At this point we are seeing characters, not people. The storyline feels forced and contrived in both scenarios. Let’s hope this season picks up soon.