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Olajuwon overshares and Katina tells off Lindsey on MAFS Season 14, Boston

If nothing else, season 14 of MAFS is keeping us entertained. We have some strong personalities, some whiny personalities, some entitled personalities, and some people who are just trying hard to make it work and basically failing. Episode 5 has brought some of the most shocking, most hilarious, most infuriating and downright scary moments and resulted in the cast saying some of most the off-the-wall things in the history of Married at First Sight.

Let’s play a game… can you guess the person this quote belongs to?

# 5. I am wondering how this happened to me, why this happened to me, and why me?

Hint: it is the most currently hated cast member on Season 14 of MAFS

If you guessed Alyssa, then you have been paying attention. From the second she met Chris, Alyssa has been very vocal about the fact that Chris is not a good enough match for her. She has verbally destroyed his appearance, values, ability to communicate and even refused to stay in the same room or go swimming with him, all because she finds him that repulsive. Instead of just admitting that she is not attracted to Chris while still treating him like a human being, Alyssa has instead chosen to find every nonsensical reason to criticize him, putting herself in the crosshairs of women everywhere.

Alyssa from Married at First Sight Season 14.
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I’m not saying Alyssa is pretty… that’s it, I am just not.

After hearing Alyssa’s insults, some viewers have commented on Alyssa’s own looks as being less than perfect. Whatever beauty she does possess is instantly erased by her ego. Even Alyssa’s mom told her to “just go swimming” because she is making herself (not Chris) look bad. After the call with her mom, Alyssa had a meltdown in front of the cameras and told producers not to allow Chris to go near her.

Unflattering picture of Alyssa in a bikini in Puerto Rico
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Alyssa paddle boarding in a bikini in Puerto Rico, episode 5 Season 14
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Alyssa flabby stomach, insulting Chris Married at First Sight Season 14
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So why did she marry someone who repulsed her that much, and why is Chris still trying to “make it work”?

Cast members on MAFS who “try and make it work” always claim that it’s because they trust the process and the experts. But at some point, personal dignity needs to take over. Walk away, Chris! You will not make it work, that’s a promise. Producers capturing Alyssa’s every bad angle, however, while she ripped Chris apart was pure gold! 😂 All this, while Alyssa repeatedly claimed to be “literally the nicest person who is literally super nice to everyone”. Check out this clip from the MAFS After Party, where Chris describes how Alyssa ignored him at their wedding.

#4. At the end of the day, if the house is on fire, don’t throw gasoline, put water, or just walk away from it. It’s not your house! Walk away, let it burn. As long as there are no people in it.

Hint: the most overwhelmed husband on Season 14

Mark the Shark bringing the jokes! Of course this quote was in reference to Lindsey who has managed to make enemies and show her “crazy” within days of being married. At the beginning of episode 5 Mark is warning Lindsey not to drink too much because he doesn’t want a repeat of what transpired between Lindsey and Olijuwan at the airport. According to Mark, Lindsey had three bottles of wine and no food before the argument. Overall, this trainwreck is picking up speed for poor Mark who is just trying to stay on the wagon.

Mark the Shark is attacked by Lindsey on Married at First Sight Season 14
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#3. Have you ever slept with anyone in the same family? Has anyone ever messed with like a woman or a man and then messed with their family after like their cousin… I’ve messed with a mom and her daughter. 

Hint: this guy is not husband material

Yep, you guessed it. It’s “ya boy” Olajuwon. Not only did he announce this conquest on camera and in front of all the other couples, he looked real proud of it too. Olajuwon claims to be a changed man from his previous playboy persona “Isaac” who just did whatever he wanted and hooked up with everyone. Fans are worried for Katina.

Olajuwon and Katina MAFS Season 14
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The other couples were shocked and grossed out by Olajuwon’s “confessions”

Katina is hanging in there. But Katina came on Married At First Sight looking for a committed husband. She has expressed concerns about being used as a “side chick” in the past and not being able to find someone who could treat her right. Yet, she was matched with a guy who boasts about threesomes and family affairs as if they are his greatest conquests. Stay on guard, Katina and listen to fans and your friends who see right through this guy. You don’t want the last words of your marriage to be “ya boy gotcha!”

Noi from Married at First Sight, Season 14, Boston
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#2. I think you have a lot of kindness in you but you do a lot of sneaky weird stuff on the side. You poke people. You are a poker, and when you get a reaction, you play victim so much! You are a manipulative person.

Hint: her husband needs botox injections for his armpits and new underwear

Whoa! Katina figured out Lindsey real quick and wasn’t shy about it. Back to the infamous fight between Lindsey and Olajuwon. Aside from telling him to speak Spanish only, Lindsey also insulted his slippers and called them “cheap”. Then she proceeded to “poke” at him until he got pissed off and “triggered” her with what she referred to as aggressive behavior, creating conflict and forcing her to separate from the group. Katina and Olajuwon both made it clear that they were on to Lindsey’s victim mentality and refused to play her games.

Katina tells off Lindsey on Married at First Sight episode 5
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#1. I pull all the way back. If you want me to be less, then you need to stop sh*tting and clogging up the toilet, farting in bed, farting with the door open and chewing with your mouth open. You are showing me the full frontal you. If you need me to be less then take that note for yourself as well.

No clues needed

Is this what Lindsey’s dad was talking about when he said that Lindsey’s words are vicious? So far we have seen stressed Lindsey, drunk Lindsey, wild Lindsey, triggered Lindsey, smitten Lindsey, but we have never seen furious Lindsey. Mark, who is clearly overwhelmed, asks her to pump the brakes. He says that there is a chaos all around them and things are moving too fast. Lindsey, who was all in, took this as a personal rejection and “added gasoline” to the burning house.

Lindsey is furious with Mark on MAFS Season 14
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The roof, the roof the roof is on fire… we don’t need no water let the **** burn…

Feeling rejected, Lindsey went after Mark hard, deliberately humiliating him on TV. She felt especially caught off guard because Mark had promised her a romantic evening. Understandably she felt blindsided, but that reaction was actually quite scary. MTS has been nothing but supportive up until now. Did she really need to expose his toilet habits for all of Lifetime viewers to see and judge?

So there you go: top five quotes from Married at First Sight, Season 14! Do you agree with our picks?

Lindsey has severe anger issues on Married at First Sight Season 14
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