The best dog bed for arthritis

The best gift for dog lovers!

Friendly happy golden retriever looking for a great dog bed
Doesn’t she take a great headshot?

“Aww, how old is your dog?” strangers often ask me. When I tell them that Maya is only 7, they furrow their brow, say something like “oh really?” and keep walking.

It’s hard not to get defensive (we don’t ask how old people are, then say “oh really?”) but they are right: Maya looks a lot older than her age. Her face is white and she limps in pain while walking.

Meet Maya!

Maya is our 7 year old Golden Retriever. She loves the snow, swimming, snacks, and carrying two sticks at a time. Here is what she doesn’t like to do anymore: walk and run. Maya has already been diagnosed with degenerative arthritis as well as bilateral CCL tears. She is not a candidate for surgery because of severe hip dysplasia, so unfortunately pain management is the only solution for us at this time. This makes a quality dog bed so important.

Most large breed dogs will eventually have to live with arthritis and joint pain

Golden Retriever hip x-ray with degenerative arthritis
Maya’s recent hip x-ray. The left joint is not fully in the socket which appears shallow and damaged. The surface of the bones is rough and rigid.

She is my first dog and while I knew that golden retrievers are prone to joint problems as well as arthritis, I didn’t expect this to happen so soon. It is heart-breaking to watch because she is still so lively and playful, but she now does most of her playing while lying on her side. Over the course of her getting worse we have explored multiple dog beds and it became clear that a regular dog bed just won’t do. After lying down all night she could hardly stand and we could tell that she was in a lot of pain.

The best dog bed money can buy!

Last year we asked for an orthopedic dog bed for Christmas.The ones at the pet store really didn’t seem worth the money, so Amazon was the obvious choice. I am excited to share with you the perfect dog bed that we discovered by accident! Maya loves this bed so much that she spends most of her time in it surrounded by all her toys. She doesn’t like when anyone touches her bed and does that funny whining thing Golden Retrievers do, when they want to tell you they don’t like something (but without being too rude) if you start messing with the bed in any way.

Golden retriever in the best dog bed for hips and arthritis.
The queen in her favourite bed with toys

This dog bed is extremely durable

As mentioned, we got it almost 2 years ago and it is showing no signs of wear and tear even with a 100 lb dog sleeping on it every night. We all know how much Golden Retrievers shed, but the hair does not get trapped in the bed.

Smart design with strong zipper

The cover comes off and it is washable. Like other Goldens Maya is always hot, but this bed keeps her cool even in the hot months.I love the zipper on this dog bed. I have had so many zippers break on me, but this one is very durable. The design is amazing as the zipper goes all the way around the bed and you can easily lift out the insert and put back in without trying to jam it in there and wrecking the shape of the cushion. 

Dog bed with durable zipper
Stylish dog bed with dog in the home
Sleek design fits any space and decor

Stylin’ and relaxin’

The final thing I have to rave about is how stylish this dog bed is. I find most round beds unsightly when they are in the middle of the living room (where your best friend must be always), but not this one. The gray really blends well with our home decor and it has a sleek shape. I added a textured blanket with orange hues to bring the decor together.

Worth the money and not that pricey anyway

I know that it’s is just a dog bed, but it has brought Maya so much joy and comfort. I strongly recommend this bed for any large or extra large dogs breeds, especially with arthritis and joint pain. While Maya will sadly never get better, l feel good about improving the quality of my dog’s life.

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