Is Jibri's mom black

Answering your most Googled questions about 90 Day Fiancé, Season 9

With this season being a bit of a snooze fest we decided to have some fun and answer your most Googled queries about the cast members of 90 Day Fiancé, Season 9. Some of them are pretty funny to say the least. 😂 The following 7 searches have been prevalent in the past month.

#1. Is Jibri’s mom black?

Jibri Bell has identified his mom as biracial on the show, as well as on his Instagram. We have no information about the percentage of African American lineage of Jibri’s mom, but she most likely had at least one black parent. This season we also met Jibri’s caucasian grandmother Cheyne, whom Jibri described as a “wild, strong, radical lesbian, feminist”. It is not known whether Cheyne is Jibri’s maternal grandmother or whether she is his stepfather Brian’s mom.

Jibri’s mom made waves for her overly cautious approach to Jibri’s fiancée Miona. Jibri’s mom has been accused of being manipulative, competitive, and treating Jibri more like her patient than a son. Despite her efforts to derail Jibri and Miona’s marriage, the couple seems to be going strong post production.

Is Jibri's mom black?
Jibri’s Mom, Mahala
90 Fiance, Season 9

#2. Is Miona’s hair real?

No, Miona’s hair is not real. Miona loves her hair extensions. She most often has her hair up in one of two ponytails: a very long straight one, or a wavy one when she is going for her “black” look. She usually pairs the wavy ponytail with a very dark spray tan, a look that prompted viewers to accuse her of blackfishing.

In this baby picture of Miona we can see that her real hair is fine, dark brown and a little wavy, in line with her Serbian ethnicity. Miona has has recently launched her new business Miona Beauty. You can shop her signature synthetic ponytails on her website.

Miona's real hair 90 Day Fiance
Miona’s baby photo
Courtesy – Jibri Bell’s Instagram

#3. Jibri 90 Day Fiancé ethnicity

Jibri is an American and a native of South Dakota. This question comes up a lot because of Jibri’s family make-up. As mentioned, his grandmother Cheyne is white and so is his stepfather Brian. His mother Mahala is biracial and Jibri has a darker complexion than his mom. It is most likely that Jibri’s biological father is black, although Jibri hasn’t revealed any details about him.

Race and ethnicity are somewhat of a touchy subject for Jibri. He has spoken out about being judged for being too black or not black enough in his lifetime. Jibri felt the opposite in his beloved second home, Serbia, where he was removed from the daily struggle of American racial conflict and could just be himself.

Is Jibri black on 90 Day Fiance
Jibri and Miona
Courtesy – Jibri’s Instagram

#4. Shaheeda 90 Day Fiancé hair

Stunning fashionista Shaheeda has dazzled viewers with her poise, style and some pretty intense yoga poses. Her fiance Bilal, on the other hand, has done a lot less dazzling. From spilling water to putting pins in his very expensive couch, Shaheeda just can’t catch a break with Bilal. Their on screen relationship can be summarized in two lines: “don’t touch my stuff” and “sign the prenup”.

Aside from being a yoga instructor and fashion promoter, Shaheeda is a strict Muslim. Many fans have inquired about Shaheeda’s hair. Unfortunately their curiosity will not be satisfied because Shaheeda never removes her hijab. Islamic culture states that it is obligatory for women to cover their hair, and the entire body except her hands and face, while in the presence of people of the opposite sex other than close family members. So unless you are a close female friend of Shaheeda, you will likely never see her hair.

Shaheeda 90 Day Fiance hair
Shaheeda, 90 Day Fiance
Courtesy – Shaheeda’s Instagram

#5. Emily 90 Day Fiancé lisp

Emily is best known for being a spoiled brat and getting pregnant by a stranger on vacation. Emily’s parents seem to think that her unemployment is acceptable while Kobe needs to provide for the family. Emily is living at home with her parents while Kobe is in America on a K-1 visa which prevents him from working for at least 6 months. But the top searches about Emily indicate that viewers want to know about her tongue and her funny way of speaking more than her relationship with Kobe. In fact, there have been so much talk about Emily’s pronunciation that a speech therapist felt a need to chime in on Reddit and explain once and for all:

Emily 90 Day Fiance tongue and lisp
Kobe and Emily – 90 Day Fiance
Courtesy: Discovery +

“Emily is tongue tied. Her frenulum (the ligament under the center of the tongue) runs all the way to the tip of the tongue, making it impossible for the tip of her tongue to be moved forward of her teeth. Not sure what I mean? Stick your tongue all the way out. Can you see the tip? If so, your tongue is normal, if not your tongue is “tied”. This explains her weird lisp.” 

Random speech therapist on Reddit

#6. Kara 90 Day Fiancé high school boyfriend

While most of us have completely forgotten about this guy, some women thought that he was the sexiest male specimen to ever hit the silver screen. Kris Wayne, better known for his professional name “Lightskin Kris Wayne” dated Kara in high school. He played sports in high school but currently he is a rapper. Lightskin’s claim to fame was 15 seconds on 90 Day Fiancé to describe his prom sex with Kara (they were caught by her mom) and his very infrequently visited Youtube channel.

Kara 90 day fiance ex boyfriend
Kara’s ex boyfriend – 90 Day Fiancé
Courtesy – Discovery +

Wait a minute, is Lightskin black too?!

If you listen to Kris Wayne’s songs, you might notice that he drops the “N” word as often as 90 Day cast members drop their luggage at the airport. This had angry fans questioning: “Wait a minute, isn’t this guy white?”. Let’s hope not, because a white guy calling himself “Lightskin” is way odd, but so is an actual black man with a blackfishing fiancée. Perhaps Kris Wayne is channeling “Fuckshit” from Jonah Hill’s movie “Mid90s” who also identified as black. If you haven’t seen it, not a bad movie, give it a go.

Kara 90 day fiance ex highschool boyfriend
Lightskin Kris Wayne – left
“Fuckshit” from Mid90’s – right

#7. Yve 90 Day Fiancé bikini

Some of you just had to see Yve’s bikini which had Mohammed questioning the sanctity of his future marriage. Well, here is she in all of her non-Muslim glory and living her best life. After a night of drinking with Yve’s busty lady friends, 48 year old Eve and 25 year old Mohammed discussed the future religious upbringing of their non-existent child. Mohammed was very clear that Yve had way too much freedom growing up and that her influence on his potential child would be damaging and confusing. Despite their many differences Yve and Mohammed got married on the last episode of Season 9.

Even 90 day fiance bikini
Yve – 90 Day Fiancé