Andrei deported 90 Day Fiance

Did Andrei get deported?

90 Day Fiancé star Andrei Castravet had been in the United States for over two years when his two year Green Card expired. The next step would have been to obtain a permanent Green Card which would allow Andrei to stay in the States permanently. According to Andrei’s immigration lawyer this should have been a non-brainer but Andrei was instead asked to attend an interview at the USCIS office without further details, leaving him terrified of being deported.

“95% of my cases do not get interviews”

Emel Ersan, Andrei’s immigration attorney

The immigration lawyer went on to explain that she doesn’t believe the interview has anything to do with Elizabeth and Andrei’s marriage, but more so with his past in Moldova. She also feared that someone made a mistake with Andrei’s original Green Card application and that he fell through the cracks by getting approved.

Andrei’s past in Moldova put him at a risk of being deported

In his early twenties Andrei served as a police officer in Moldova. Like many other Eastern European countries Moldova has a reputation for corrupt practices when it comes to police work. Some undisclosed events led to an internal investigation of Andrei’s unit. Andrei explained that he never divulged that information to his immigration lawyer because he didn’t think that it was relevant. Emel then asked him directly if he was just testifying for another case or whether he was being investigated himself. Andrei explained that while he did testify on his own behalf, nothing ever came of it and that he was cleared of any wrong doing.

Are Libby’s family members trying to get Andrei deported?

Earlier in the season, Elizabeth was discussing Andrei’s upcoming interview with her sisters. “Good, I hope they send him back,” smirked Becky.

Andrei has had issues with Elizabeth’s family since before the couple was married. So when his lawyer inquired whether Andrei has any enemies in the US, his mind immediately turned to them. The Potthasts aren’t exactly the Brady Bunch. In fact, almost every Potthast family member has had a run in with the law. Despite their hostility towards Andrei, the Potthasts are still trying to ride Andrei and Libby’s coat tails and stay on the show. Could they have reported his past to immigration?

Becky Potthast before plastic surgery, no make up mugshot
Becky Potthast Mugshot

After the USCIS interview

On episode 8, Season 7 of Happily Ever After, Andrei and Libby nervously attended the interview. They practiced questions such as “where does your wife like to sleep?” and “how often do you have sex?”. Unfortunately they forgot to practice remembering the year that they met. Libby got the question wrong sending Andrei over the edge with fear of the unknown.

Does Andrei get deported?

From the looks of their Instagram, Andrei has not been deported. He and Elizabeth are happily living in the United States. In October of 2022 they welcomed their second child, Leo Winston Castravet. Their oldest daughter Ellie was excited to meet her new little brother.

Libby and Andrei have also recently launched their new YouTube channel featuring their daughter called “Ellie’s World“.

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Does Andrei get deported 90 Day Fiance
Courtesy – Andrei’s Instagram