And Just Like That sex and the city revival

“And Just Like That” was a flop and here is why

The sounds of wine bottles uncorking and lids flying off ice cream containers echoed around the world as women everywhere sat down to watch the return of their favorite show. And Just Like That, the Sex and the City revival was long awaited with much excitement and and anticipation. A lot has changed in 20 years and even in the absence of Samantha we couldn’t wait to catch up with our old friends Carrie Bradshaw, Charlotte York Goldenblatt and Miranda Hobbes. Gorgeous as ever the ladies filled our screens… and that’s where the disappointment began. And Just Like That just wasn’t the same and here are some reasons why.

It wasn’t relatable

Whether you were a glamorous New Yorker or a low key homebody, all of us could relate to the Sex and the City series. Sex and the City was about more than just fashion and money. It was full of hilarious dating blunders, heartfelt friendship moments, love, heartbreak, health struggles, career challenges, hot guys and SEX! It was a fun show, a touching show, a show about friendship between four imperfect women living in New York City and trying to figure out life. We could all see a piece of ourselves in one of the girls. And Just Like That was missing all of that.

Carrie, Charlotte and Miranda were unrecognizable

Carrie, the dreamer, who once spent all of her money on shoes and couldn’t afford to buy her own apartment is now a rich widow who snubs her nose at the most desirable real estate in New York City.

Charlotte spends her days planning ostentatious events and trying to diversify her group of white friends by pretending to read black literature and inviting non-caucasians to her parties. Do you remember when George Costanza mistook his boss for Sugar Ray Leonard and spent the rest of the episode struggling to produce a black friend so that he didn’t appear racist? That is basically Charlotte in And Just Like That.

Miranda’s once bright, independent and bold character is now a blubbering mess. Miranda has abandoned her successful career as a lawyer along with her loving husband Steve in pursuit of social justice and new lesbian experiences. Miranda is also an alcoholic with her drink of choice being tiny mini-bar bottles which she carries around in her school bag.

Aside from none of these characters being relatable they also do not resemble the old Carrie, Miranda and Charlotte. Yes, it’s been 20 years, but seriously, who are these people?

The storyline made no sense

Why did Big have to die after riding the Peloton? Just why? If they wanted to get rid of Big, why not go with something that was in line with his old character? For example: Big got bored of Carrie and checked out, big left Carrie for a younger woman, big went back to Natasha… literally anything else would have been better than the Peloton story.

Samantha stopped speaking to Carrie because she dropped her as her publicist? So apparently Samantha was more interested in her money than being her friend? The same Samantha who spoon fed Carrie after Big left her at the altar? The same Samantha who made everyone go to Mexico for moral support and hired movers for all of Carrie’s things?

Why is Steve, who owns a bar, home every night for the ice cream ritual? Why is Che in love with Miranda but also seems to have no interest in her at the same time? Why are these New Yorkers acting like they have never been faced with diversity in their lifetime?

There are so many holes in this plot that make And Just Like That nearly unwatchable!

It felt shallow and empty

No matter how hard I tried to feel sorry for Carrie I just couldn’t. Her reaction to the sudden death of the love of her life didn’t seem realistic. We all remember Carrie’s grief when Big left her at the altar. That was real heartbreak we could all identify with. In And Just Like That, Big dies after 20 years of marriage. Carrie is now drinking martinis with Stanford, accusing Charlotte of being too emotional, walking the streets of New York in heels and making dark jokes about Big’s death (aka the worst “break up” ever).

There doesn’t seem to be any real connection between the characters and all of their friends, kids, etc. Miranda hardly talks to Brady, Charlotte’s kids don’t talk to one another. Money and luxurious lifestyles are centric which seems in bad taste during a time when so many are struggling through a global pandemic.

It was a woke mess

In their effort to diversify the cast, And Just Like That writers ended up with a woke salad full of characters we never got to know or appreciate, in a ridiculous storyline that let down fans everywhere.

In this very short 10 episode series we were introduced to:

  • Charlotte’s black friend Lisa who likes all the same stuff as Charlotte
  • Miranda’s black professor Nya and her husband who are struggling with fertility issues
  • Carrie’s non-binary half Mexican half Irish comedian and podcast boss Che Diaz along with their Asian American sidekick
  • Carrie’s new Indian friend Seema who sells luxury real estate and lies to her Indian parents about having a boyfriend
  • Charlotte’s non-binary child “Rock” formerly Rose 

Those six characters were ironically chosen for their race and sexual orientation in an effort to diversify a white, heterosexual cast. This is not diversity. In fact, it is the opposite of diversity. What we watched were three rich white women forcing themselves to adopt a culture they didn’t understand for the image of being progressive.

While trying to be inclusive they exposed the real issue, which is that the writers of And Just Like That do not understand the cultures of the people they were trying to portray. Even Sara Ramirez, the actress who played Che Diaz, had a hard time identifying with the character and said that Che came across like a caricature.

It wasn’t funny

Last time I checked, Sex and the City was a comedy as well as a drama. There was nothing funny about And Just Like That. The only funny scene was when Carrie and the math teacher vomited after their date.

There was no sex!

Aside from Miranda and Che’s cringe sex scenes, And Just Like That didn’t offer much in that regard. There was not an ab in sight. Sorry, a penis did make an appearance when the downstairs neighbor’s boyfriend dropped his towel and called Carrie “ma’am”. Lisette was another character who served no purpose. It would appear that she was there to remind Carrie of her youth or to support Carrie’s “celebrity” status by asking her to feature her jewelry pieces on Instagram. Other than her partying and choosing bad men, we really didn’t get to know her story and amidst all of its wokeness, And Just Like That still managed to call to her a “Russian hooker”.

We don’t need a second season

Overall, And Just Like That felt empty, shallow, contrived and superficial. Old characters were assassinated and new ones lacked depth and purpose. This was a very disappointing outcome for a once iconic show that touched so many hearts and left us laughing. However, And Just Like That was just renewed for season 2 and this article has some pretty hilarious suggestions.

Let’s pretend that Samantha is somewhere sipping a triumphant cosmo over this disaster and go back to binging the real Sex and the City.