che diaz and miranda hobbes kissing - and just like that

And Just Like That… the sex is back in the Sex and the City revival

Before the “Tragically Hip” episode aired, the title “And Just Like That” was starting to seem more appropriate than Sex and the City. Something has been missing from the series and it’s not just Samantha. With Samantha disappearing so has most of the sexual content and hot guys. Aside from Anthony’s delivery boys there is hardly anyone left to objectify!

Carrie Bradshawe on episode 5 of And Just like That
Carrie Bradshaw – Credit HBO Max

What happened to all the sex?

The series was heading into full on geriatric territory with Carrie needing hip surgery and help to pee. But then Che showed up with a bottle of tequila and things got a little more interesting.

Chez Diaz performs at comedy show on And Just Like That
Che Diaz – Credit HBO Max

Who is Che Diaz?

Since the series’ inception, fans have been wondering what Che’s character is bringing to the table. So far, the non-binary Che has appeared at Big’s funeral to hand his secretary a tissue and share a vape with Miranda’s son. Other than that they host a podcast reminiscent of a woke, modern-day Howard Stern with Bobby Lee from MadTV in place of Robin Quivers and star in their own comedy stand-up “CHANGE”.

Miranda Hobbes, Brady Hobbes and Che Diaz on And Just Like That
Miranda Hobbes, Brady Hobbes and Che Diaz on And Just Like That – Credit HBO Max

After attending the stand-up Miranda is intrigued by Che who’s playfully named her Rambo.

Miranda feels out of place among the “alternative types”, but having been stuck in a sexless marriage with Steve since Sex and the City 2, the “CHANGE” message hits hard. “The people who are sure, are the ones who don’t leave any room for change,” Che preaches.

Che Diaz and Miranda Hobbes
Credit – HBO Max

Change your job, change your gender, change your shirt!”

Che Diaz, And Just Like That

Fired up by the message, Miranda finds Che at the after party where their sexual tension begins to kindle. Fans have been wondering for a while if Cynthia Nixon plans come out of her closeted role of a very straight-laced, heterosexual Miranda Hobbes and she has kicked the door wide open. During the sex scene in the kitchen we see the kind of passion Miranda has never displayed while kissing Steve or any other man.

Che Diaz and Miranda Hobbes kissing on And Just Like That – Credit HBO Max

A breath of fresh air compared to the previous episodes

Finally some real character development and a desperately needed CHANGE from Carrie’s so-called grief: namely running around in heels, stalking Natasha, and discovering that people in New York jog at 6am…and what was with Carrie’s reaction to seeing Miranda and Che’s together? If you woke up to see your married heterosexual best friend of 20+ years having a sexual encounter with another woman, what would you say?

Wouldn’t you have more questions? Such as…

  • So what does this mean?
  • Are you into Che?
  • Are you into women and non-binary people now?
  • What about Steve? How/when did this happen?
  • What was it like? Will you do it again?
Carrie shames Miranda for being an alcoholic and a bad friend
Carrie peed the bed while Miranda was hooking up with Che on Episode 5 of And Just Like That – Credit HBO Max

Instead, Carrie complains that Miranda didn’t take her to pee in time, shames her, and calls her an alcoholic.

The alcohol addiction issue is a weird twist. At this point Miranda’s character is taking on too much. Miranda is already going through an awakening professionally, socially and sexually. Must she be characterized as an alcoholic too!? Meanwhile, Carrie’s character has barely developed even in the aftermath of the tragic death of her one true love. This storyline takes a further dive when Charlotte buys Miranda the book “Quit like a woman”.

Carrie shames Miranda for sinking too much on And Just Like That
Carrie shames Miranda on And Just Like That
Credit – HBO Max

Just heels

Perhaps the writers meant to touch on a deep and concerning issue with drinking that many of us are facing especially through the pandemic, but the presentation was about as shallow as Carrie’s response to the doctor when he asks what she hopes to accomplish after the surgery: “To get into heels again”.

The original Sex and the City was all about cosmos, guys and heels. And Just Like That … only heels. But at least we are finally starting to see a bit more sex in the new chapter of Sex and the City.

Carrie Bradshaw in a hospital gown and heels on And Just like That - episode 5 - Tragically Hip
Credit HBO Max