Alyssa from Married at First Sight

Chris asks for a divorce from Alyssa in the middle of the season – MAFS Season 14, Boston

Just when you thought Lindsey was going to be the villain of season 14, in comes Alyssa. Alyssa is likely the most hated cast member of MAFS since Chris Williams II, who repeatedly humiliated his wife Paige on Season 12. Myrla and Johnny of Season 13 also got some heat, but the Alyssa situation had fans demanding that she be removed from the show altogether, and now she has. We can finally enjoy the rest of the season without Alyssa because Chris took control of the situation and asked for a divorce mid-season. For the sake of closure, let’s have a look at what led to this unprecedented twist!

“Him saying I am not trying isn’t true.”

First of all, everyone and their grandmother knows that Alyssa was not attracted to Chris when she met him at the altar. But instead of admitting this and handling it with grace and kindness Alyssa is doubling down on insults, demands, and lying.

In an effort to make it look like a mutual mismatch she has been trying to make Chris look like he is part of the problem. Unsuccessfully. In fact, her efforts to prove her point have been so excessive and unreasonable that fans have begun to question the condition of her mental health.

Alyssa is even being compared to Molly from Season 6, who also ripped apart her husband Jonathan for no apparent reason while he secretly recorded her abusive behavior.

Alyssa and Chris - Married at First Sight Season 14 Boston
Chris and Alyssa – MAFS season 14.
Photo credit – Lifetime.

“Chris seems to be trying actively to make me look bad, and it won’t happen because I am not a bad person.”

Chris has never given an interview to date that made Alyssa look bad. He called her actions slightly selfish, but he never once expressed anything else negative about her on camera and this was after he was rejected and forced to spend his honeymoon alone. In fact Chris told Alyssa that he thinks she is a cool person unlike Alyssa, who said this:

“I hate him. He’s a f***ing a**hole. He’s disrespectful and rude and he’s doing me dirty.”

Alyssa hates her husband Chris MAFS Season 14 Boston
Alyssa Ellman.
Photo Credit – Lifetime

But things got even worse from there

During his appearance at the MAFS Afterparty, Chris revealed that Alyssa ignored him at the wedding, would not take his phone number, called her lawyer shortly after the wedding, and refused to sit next to him on the plane.

Chris expressed his disappointment because the flight would have given them a perfect opportunity to talk and to get to know one another without cameras. Chris was not prepared for this level of rejection from the person who just agreed to marry him.

Chris Collette from Married at First Sight
Chris Collette. Photo Credit – Lifetime.

But things got even worse!

During what seemed like an endless dinner with all of the couples they discussed the next stage, which is when the couples move into an apartment complex to continue exploring their new marriages and filming the show.

Katina and Olijuwon react to Alyssa's crazy ideas.
Katina and Olijuwon react to Alyssa’s demands to live in the apartment without Chris. Photo Credit – Lifetime.

As the dinner dragged on, Alyssa repeatedly suggested that she move into the apartment without Chris or that they split their time at this apartment. She explained that she wanted to spend time with “her girls” and be part of the show. We are assuming the girls are Katina and Jasmina who met her less than a week ago. Why Alyssa thought they were her new best friends is as much of a mystery as her reasons for signing up for the show in the first place.

Producers had to remind Alyssa that she signed up for “Married at First Sight”.

Alyssa wants to live in the apartment without Chris.
Alyssa wants to live in the apartment alone. Photo credit – Lifetime.

So at this point Alyssa was substantially ruining the viewing experience. Never have we seen this much footage of the production crew, which obviously takes the “reality” out of the reality show. Of course we all know there are cameras and people taking interviews, but watching the camera crew helplessly try to talk Alyssa into shooting a scene with her husband was utterly painful.

So why did Chris want to stay married to Alyssa?

Things were clear as mud, including why Chris was still putting up with this and asking for Alyssa’s 1% so he can give his 100%. His reasons could have involved contractual obligations or other personal reasons, but it is hard to understand why he would want to stay married to Alyssa. Was he genuinely still attracted to her? All this is water under the bridge as Chris took the high road and asked for a divorce after the honeymoon ended and Alyssa refused to move in with him. He handled the situation calmly, respectfully and politely, while Alyssa will be remembered for her contributions such as:

Alyssa at the tennis court with producers of Married at Fist Sight
Producers have their hands full with Alyssa.
Photo credit – Lifetime.

“I am a good person, and I will be “f***ing p*ssed” if I don’t come off that way when the show airs.

Alyssa Ellman, MAFS season 14