What happened to Kate Sisk after the “Luke and Kate” disaster?

Kate and Luke of season 8 were probably the worst match in the history of Married at First Sight. While Kate was initially attracted to Luke, he repeatedly rejected her, tried to make her look like an alcoholic, tried to cover up the fact that they were sleeping together and tried to force himself to maintain the marriage for the benefit of no one. The emphasis is on “tried” as all this backfired and showed Luke in a very bad light.

Luke and Kate married at first sight.
Kate and Luke – Married at First Sight. Photo credit – Lifetime.

Viewers suspect that Luke is gay

Luke’s bizarre behavior brought on suspicions that he might have gone on the show for publicity and is in fact gay. Although Luke has never openly admitted it, MAFS internet detectives dug up some photos that have raised an eyebrow or two.

Luke Cuccurullo gay pictures

Luke’s second Facebook account

The drama between Luke and Kate continued when Luke’s second Facebook account was discovered. The account was linked to another man and indicated that they were in a relationship. When Kate brought this up on decision day, Luke claimed that the account was just a joke.

Kate accused Married at First Sight of setting her up with someone who would hurt her

Granted, the Facebook relationship status is from 2006, but it still seemed really abnormal to Kate who was a victim in this whole mess. Kate later accused Married at First Sight of setting her up for failure and refusing to let her leave the relationship. She revealed that leaving the show would have cost her a $100,000 fine, and that’s why she stayed and continued to be abused on camera.

Kate and Luke married at first sight gay
Photo Credit – Monsters and Critics

Later on, another rumor surfaced

A witness came forward claiming that during filming Luke ran off the set and into the bathroom. He then made a phone call while forgetting that his mic was still on. He could be heard saying “They know! They know I am gay!” Whether Luke is gay is still unknown because he is, he is not out. After his season of MAFS, he posted photos of himself with another woman – Sammy Di Giacinto, who looked nothing like Kate. On the show Luke used the reason that he is attracted to more exotic looking women and that’s why he was not into Kate. True or not, we can at least agree that Luke’s social media history is questionable, and that he was not a great match for Kate.

Luke and Kate married at first sight, Luke gay

What has Kate been up to after the Kate and Luke fiasco?

Kate and Luke married at first sight new boyfriend
Kate’s new boyfriend. Photo credit – Kate Sisk IG

Fortunately Kate seems to have fully recovered from her appearance on Married at First

While it was clearly an unpleasant experience, she has moved on and is living her best life. Kate is in a new relationship. and runs her own lingerie company. However, Kate has not escaped the curiosity of some shallow fans. In a disappointed IG post Kate wrote:

“I Googled myself, and the most popular things people search after my name are “makeover” and “weight loss.” Women are more than their bodies. Women are more than someone’s wife or ex-wife. Don’t forget that!”

Kate Sisk makeover, Kate Sisk weight loss

Enjoy Kate’s music

Kate is right. After all, she is a successful entrepreneur, she is smart and she is talented. She plays the piano and the guitar and she has a beautiful voice. Fans are too focused on the outside and reality shows give us such a small glimpse into their lives. Listen to Kate singing and enjoy!

Kate Sisk singing “Waiting”.

Kate Sisk is one of the classiest women ever to appear on Married at First Sight. Unfortunately she was dealt a bad hand, but her response to the controversy was powerful and dignified. As Myrla Feria quoted on her Instagram:

“How you love yourself is how you teach others to love you.”

Rupi Kaur, quoted by Myrla (Myrla and Gil, MAFS Season 13)